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Things are changing with Track-It! and we have some good news to share with you today.


As you may already know, we are hard at work on a new version of Track-It! that is based on a completely new platform, is 100% browser based and will provide you the most significant increase in functionality that we’ve released in well over 5 years.


This is an extremely exciting development project for us and we would like you to be a part of it.


We are pleased to announce the start of our new Track-It! Developers Circle program.  This program replaces all of our legacy beta programs and will provide members with an unprecedented ability to influence the development of Track-It! going forward. We’ve designed the Track-It! Developers Circle to be very different than traditional beta programs.  Most beta programs provide customers with access to a product after its development is nearly complete and when the opportunity for significant customer input is limited.  The Track-It! Developers Circle, on the other hand, will give you access to the product, the developers, and the product managers throughout the process of designing, developing, and releasing the product.


If you are accepted into the program, the Track-It! development team will provide you access to new functionality as it is developed. This includes the new user interface, form customization tools, business rules, full browser based client, enhanced email integration and other components as they complete their initial development.  You will then have the opportunity to review and provide us with your thoughts on this new functionality and to help us make this upcoming version of Track-It! better than ever.


There is no cost to be part of this program and it is available to all Track-It! customers, regardless of size or how long you have been using the product. All we ask is that you try out new functionality as it becomes available and share your feedback with us.


If you are interested in joining this program, complete these 2 steps:


  1. Visit this link to sign the online non disclosure agreement
  2. Request access to the Developers Circle community here Track-It! Developers Circle


After doing this, most applications will be reviewed and accepted within 1-2 business days.

If you have any questions about the program, please email


This new program will provide you with unprecedented ability to influence the future of Track-It! and help us deliver an amazing product.


We hope you will join us.


Thank you for your ongoing support of Track-It!




The information contained in this letter is the confidential information of BMC Software, Inc. and is being provided to you with the express understanding that without the prior written consent of BMC, you may not discuss or otherwise disclose this information to any third party or otherwise make use of this information for any purpose other than for which BMC intended.  All of the future product plans and releases described herein relate to BMC’s current product development considerations, which are at the sole discretion of BMC and are subject to change and/or cancellation at any time.  BMC cannot and does not provide any assurance as to whether these plans will result in any future releases of the nature described.  These future product plans should not be viewed as commitments on BMC’s part and thus should not be relied upon in customer purchase decisions.