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This month I wanted to talk about Work Order Resolutions. In Track-It! 11.1, we introduced the ability to;



  • Create detailed, highly useful solutions using in line graphics, bullets colored fonts and more with new

Rich Text Solutions feature


  • Attaching new rich text solutions or formatting an individual Work Order resolution with rich text is now

easy with the Rich Text Resolution field


I’ve had numerous conversations with customers who upgraded from version 11 to version 11.2, missing that we’d added this feature. This has impacted these customers, whose Technicians have been used to entering Plain Text resolutions into a Work Order



… in previous versions, historic resolutions could be seen in their entirety if they only used 2-3 lines of text.


After v11.1, a Technician will only see a preview of the resolution entered and needs to click the “folder” icon to see the entire entry.




… we need to click the Edit icon (the folder in the top right of the resolution) to see the entire entry;

edit note.jpg

The new functionality is built in with the intent of giving us an end to end repository of solutions, available to both Technicians and end users in the Self Service front end. In this, we are striving to assist Track-It! customers in helping their users to help themselves. Let’s walk through how that might look…


I created a solution from the text from my previous blog post;


I just copied the article in its entirety, since we are pasting into a Rich Text editor, and all of the formatting and images were pasted from the clipboard.


Now, someone needs to configure Stop The Clock in Track-It!, the are able to search for that test in the Self Service front end;

self service solutions.jpg

Alternatively, that user logs a Work Order rather than searching Solutions in the Self Service portal, the Technician is able to resolve the Work Order and bring the article into the Resolution as the one they brought to the attention of the Requestor in the Resolution tab;

insert solution.jpg

So this is my interpretation of how we can use the Rich Text formatting to add value to our end users and to start the exercise of populating the Solutions with quality, easy to follow information. This enables us to encourage our end users to draw on this resource and query it for information before they log a call with the Service Desk.


In other news…


When I first joined the Track-It! team back in 2008, we had recently release Track-It! version 8.1. At the time, we were assisting quite a lot of customer with the transition from Track-It! versions 6 & 7 to the new release. Part of the challenge was with the changes to the look and feel of the product, which has now remained largely the same through the course of major releases since that point. As each year progress, it surprises me that we still have an amount of customers looking to upgrade from v7 to something more recent. With this in mind, Kevin Dort asked me to issue a reminder.


In Track-It! 7, the attachment repository folders were different. When a server backup takes place, these files are not included (\Track-It! Server\WOAttach). So we recommend to follow the steps to move the attachments into the default Track-It! 8 – 11 location, in the \Track-It! Services\FileStorageData\Repositories folders.


How to move the Track-It! attachments to another location
Article ID: TIA03046