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As a member of the Customer Support team, I thought it would be good to take a look at what has been trending over the last three months since we released Track-It! 11.1. I used this data to identify three areas and I would like some share some tips I’ve learned from working closely with our Track-It! user base on each of these.


Self Service

The Self Service portal had a makeover back in Track-It! 10 but there are some things you can do to make it “your own” with regional settings, logos and company branding. These articles in our Knowledge Base provide all you need to know;


Article ID: TIA05444

How to change the currency, date, time, and number format in New Track-It! Web


Article ID: TIA06397

How to add a company logo to the Track-It! 11 Self Service page


Article ID: TIA06383

How to change the company name shown in the welcome message in Track-It! 11 Self Service Web



Often, customers Discover Assets on a schedule in the Network Discovery tool. In theory this is fine but this can present problems, so here’s an approach to avoid them. Issues arise after multiple discoveries have been run without consolidation to the Inventory. We should be running “Manage Discovered Assets” after each discovery. To assist with running your asset discovery successfully, please consider this;



  •        Configure your automated discovery to notify a technician when it has completed in Tools > Administration Console > Configuration > Inventory > Network Discovery > Automated Schedule,
  •         Or navigate to the above configuration dialogue to disable the scheduled Asset Discovery. If you choose to disable it, you can then manually run "Discover Assets Now" when you know that new equipment has been activated in your environment and you wish to add it to your Inventory.


admin discovery.JPG.jpg

Note that the interval between automated discoveries is set to one week (10080 minutes) to give me time to manage the last set of results for discovered assets. This is often set to 1440 (1 day) which I would suggest does not give sufficient time to carry out the task of managing the assets to the Inventory before the next Discovery

Email Monitor

We can troubleshoot most E-mail Monitor issues by analysing logs created on the Track-It! server in;


... (there may be slight variations in that file name in different environments but you will note a file with a similar name and with the extension ".log" as one of the most recently modified in that location if you have been experiencing email monitor issues).


If you edit that file in Notepad, you may be able troubleshoot the issue. Here is a simple example;


2013-08-21T11:21:57.434 | SERVERNAME |  28 | ERROR | PlugInRequestMonitor | Numara.TrackIt.Core.ServiceManagement.ServiceManagementImpl.PlugInRequestMonitor+TIHostExecutor.Run() | Could not execute TIHost.exe.  Reason: Could not log user on: Logon failure: unknown user name or bad password |  |  |


To resolve this, you should log in to the Technician Client on the Track-It! server itself. The Windows account associated with the mailbox Track-It! reads from should be a local admin on the Track-It! server. You should log in with this account to troubleshoot E-mail Monitor.


Once done, please go to Tools > Administration Console > Configuration > Help Desk > E-mail Monitor > Monitor Configuration (in this scenario either Exchange or Mapi is selected in the "E-mail Type" drop-down).


Correct the credentials you are prompted with after clicking the Settings button. You may have to reset the password for the corresponding account in AD and then enter the new password here.


If after analysing the Service Management log file, you are unable to identify the cause of the interruption, please attach this file if you wish to raise a call your local Support Team.