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We recently had a few new partners asking about what type of resources it takes to setup and manage Track-It! I realized that it had been a little while since I had blogged about this type of thing so I figured it was time for a refresher.


Some time back, I started talking about this Zero to Help Desk in 60 minutes concept with prospects and partners and the idea was picked up by marketing shortly after. The reason this has resonated so well with customers and prospects is because as we all know, most IT shops are overworked and understaffed and the idea of saving time and money while also implementing a tool that helps save time and money, is a very welcome thing. Track-It! is extremely easy to install, configure and maintain and takes most users less than an hour to setup and configure so the tag line stuck. After that, it only takes a small part of one persons time to manage the system from then on. Many of our competitors have products that require a dedicated resource or multiple resources. That is not true for Track-It!  The product is specifically designed to be easy to manage and use.


Ease of Installation

Lets talk about installation first. The full Track-It! installer is the same one that you can download right now from and try out in a demo mode. The demo is the full product with some limitations on the number of users that can log in, the number of devices that can be scanned and with a 30 day expiration. Track-It! includes the free Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Express edition for customers that don't want to buy or cannot afford to buy the full blown MS SQL server product. SQL Server express works fine for most Track-It! implementations. The entire installation process takes about 15 minutes to install all the components. If you installed the product in demo mode and wish to then move to production later on, the process is very simple. When you purchase a license for the Track-It! product, a license file will be e-mailed to you. Once that license file is copied into the Track-It! server directory, the product becomes a live version. NO reinstall required.


Accessing the application

Help Desk Technicians can use the Windows client, Web client or Mobile client and Self Service end users can access the self service web portal. All 3 interfaces are included with the base product. Administration functions must be performed with the Windows client but it is installed on the Track-It! Server by default during the main installation.



Basic configuration is simple. You can manually enter your users and create accounts or import them from your LDAP or Active Directory server. Once the users are in the system, a few other items like Priority levels, Work Order Types, Departments and Locations should be configured and then you are ready to start managing your IT Assets and using the Help Desk. This process takes a very short amount of time and usually takes most users longer to decide exactly which work order types and priorities they want to create than it does to actually create them in the system.


Immediate ROI

The entire system in a basic setup takes less than an hour to install and configure. If you have a complex environment where you want to split the IIS server apart from the database and Track-It! servers, things can take slightly longer but not much. If you are scared of systems that require consulting services and full time management, then Track-It! is what you are looking for.


Support and Online Community

If you have any questions or need pointers while installing or using Track-It!, there are two great places to get help.

First is the tech support portal for registered users located at

The second is the Track-It! Community on


If you have any questions, feel free to contact me and I would be happy to answer them for you.