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The beginning of Track-It!

Track-It! has been around for quite a while with the first version released in 1991. Actually the initial coding began some time in 1989 but the first real production ready version was available in 1991. Track-It! was created with a single purpose in mind. To help an IT manager or help desk technician organize and manage their Help Desk and PC Inventory.




Some things change, some stay the same

A lot of new and exciting functionality has been added to the product since then, mostly based on requests from customers, but the sole purpose of helping an IT person get control of their help desk operations is still at the core of the product. Our users have changed a bit over the years as well. While the original users of Track-It! were working with Novell 3.1 or NT4 and worrying about someone bringing a virus infected floppy disk to work, todays users are more likely to be dealing with Cloud Storage, Bring Your Own Device, users working remotely from around the globe and security concerns about those users and numerous mobile devices joining accessing their networks.


Track-It! - The HelpDesk in a box

Even though much of the technology has changed, the core issue facing the IT manager, managing their user requests, monitoring service levels, keeping track of IT assets and managine change in the IT environment is still the core problem that Track-It! solves. Track-It! is the on-premise solution for Help Desk and IT Asset Management for the small to mid-sized business.


I have created several blog posts that cover the basics of setting up a Track-It! system. If you have questions or suggestions for future blog posts, please leave a comment and let us know.

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