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Are you interested in talking to other Track-It! users about how they use the product or about issues they struggle with in their IT departments? Are you interested in meeting and getting together with other Track-It! users in your area from time to time so you can discuss and learn face to face? Are you interested in discussing best practices, implementation strategies, reporting and other topics with another IT person just like you?


If so, BMC Communities can help you get started. You can utilize BMC Communities to start and manage your own local user group. We will help you set up the group, invite some members, show you around and train you on how to manage your group, then you take over from there. There are no costs to you or anyone in the group to participate and you can accept as many members as you would like. Use the community site to discuss topics of interest and then if desired, periodically set up local meetings in your area. 


We just recently started a new user group for Track-It! users in the Washington DC area. If you are interested in starting a local Track-It! user group on the community, let me know and I will help you get started.