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Over the last few months we have been testing an Ideation module for the BMC Community that would allow users to log their own requests for feature enhancements as well as review and vote on feature requests logged by other users. The Ideation module is a great way for users to directly input their requests, see comments back from other users or from the product teams here at BMC, track the progress of their request and see how it fits in order of priority with all other user requests.




Starting last week, a few product teams turned on the Idea module for their product communities and I enabled the option for the BMC Track-It! communtiy. In just a few days, it is already taking off and the participation and feedback has been fantastic. This is an exciting way for us to be more transparent and accessible to help our users across the world.


The new Ideation module for the BMC Track-It! Community can be found here.


I hope you all like the new Ideation module and will use it when you have a new feature suggestion.


Thank you for being part of the BMC Community.