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As I've posted before I'm a big-time time and task management nerd.  I used to think that I was organized - but I wasn't.  I used to think that I knew what needed to be done - but I didn't.  These days, I have a very detailed but easy-to-use system that keeps me very organized and lets me easily provide information to others regarding the work that I've completed, what's coming up next and what the priority of my tasks are.  And the other day, I started thinking...


That sounded to me like I could have been talking about a Help Desk within an organization.


Now, I'm not talking about a Service Desk that's a well-oiled machine.  And I'm not talking about the seasoned, grizzled veterans who have been using Track-It! or another BMC product for a number of years in a really productive environment.  I'm referring to our new customers.  Maybe you are a small company that is just starting to staff up your Help Desk.  Maybe you've been using other tools and needed a change.  Maybe you're part of a new wave of technicians that were hired to revamp the Help Desk for your organization.  No matter what your specific situation is, there is one overriding principle that applies - you have to get organized.


Disorganization in the Help Desk can be disastrous to your organization.  When users can't work because of hardware or software issues, you lose productivity that you will never get back.  If your technicians don't know what they're supposed to be working on, don't know what the most important task in front of them is at any one point in time, can't put their fingers on solutions to problems that they know have been fixed before by their group or quickly update Work Orders from anywhere - we can help you. 


I've got a series of posts lined up that revolve around questions that our customers might be asking and they all have to do with becoming more organized by using Track-It!  At the end of this series, you will have answers for questions like:


  • Why do we need to get organized?
  • Why are you talking about organizational methods?
  • What are the biggest myths about getting organized?
  • What are the pitfalls and gotchas to look out for?
  • What are the important features of Track-It! that can help me?
  • How much should we implement at first?
  • How do we grow and use more advanced features as we mature?
  • Is it possible to be organized from anywhere?


I think this series of posts could be a key starting point for customers that just aren't sure how to get started in their quest for better and more reliable service to their users.  The most important thing to remember is that we are here to help.  Aside from blog posts like this, we have documents and discussions on the Track-It! Community that can help you.  We also have our award-winning Technical Support group that you can call as well as our knowledge base of articles and solutions on our Track-It! Support site that you can use.  And you can always connect with BMC Software via social media as well.


I'm excited about this series of posts because they have to do with a subject that's close to my heart.  My personal life and work life received huge shots in the arm when I got serious about organizing my life.  I wasn't wondering what I should do anymore and I wasn't forgetting to follow-up on things with people, either.  There is a level of trust involved in relationships with others - no matter whether we're talking about your family, friends or work colleagues.  If they can't trust you to get something done, it puts a strain on that relationship - sometimes a huge strain. 


I saw a quote a little while back that I loved - it was "It's not that you dropped the ball - it's that you said you would catch it."  I love that.  Every day, I like to put myself in position to disappoint people - and then I don't do it.  Putting yourself in that position means that you're taking on a lot of responsibility and it also means that you're being a strong leader.  Every single day, your Help Desk is in a position to disappoint your users and your entire organization.  And every day, you have the ability to provide strong leadership for your organization and help them achieve their goals.  I don't believe that you can be successful at these things unless you are highly organized.  And I'm going to show you how Track-It! can help you at each step along the way on that journey.


I'd love to hear from you in the comments below - is this just what you were looking for?  Do you have other questions that you would like me to answer in this series?  Connect with us here on your Track-It! community - we will all benefit as we will all end up a little stronger and a little smarter.


I can't wait to get started...