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I saw a blog post this morning that caught my eye.  It is by Mary Pratt on called 5 annoying help desk calls -- and how to banish them and it describes how a help desk can deal with 5 specific types of calls.  As I read the post, I realized that Track-It! has some really nice features that can help with these types of calls, too.


Password reset - Of course, Track-It! has a Password Reset feature that lets your users easily reset their password.  This is the type of call that can really clog up a help desk and there is no good reason for them.  Let Track-It! take those calls off your plate instead.


Office suite basics - These types of "How To" calls can be avoided by building a knowledge base for your company in the Track-It! Solutions module.  Your end users can easily search the Solutions module from Self Service and solve their own problems many times.  If you get your technicians in the habit of creating Solutions in Track-It! as they solve problems for their users, it won't be long before you will have built up a nice set of practical and helpful items in your knowledge base.  And your users will thank you as much as your technicians will.


About that trouble ticket - When an end user logs into Track-It! Self Service, one of the links on the main page is View my Work Orders.  It couldn't be much simpler for them - unless they didn't have to login at all.  If you setup Windows Authentication for your users, they won't even have to login with any Track-It! credentials to get to Self Service.  And once you setup your notifications properly within Track-It!, they will get e-mail notifications for any events that you choose - that will keep them up to date on all of their Work Orders.  And that's a great thing.


Enterprise app woes - The post describes a couple of companies that built web sites to track training for their users.  It's a good thing that Track-It! has a Training module that lets you do just that - you can track training classes for your end users and record information about each class that is taken as well.  It's a great way to ensure that your users have gone through any type of required training that you have available to them.  And that will result in fewer calls to the help desk.


Outage reporting - The Announcements feature of Track-It! allows a Track-It! administrator to create announcements that will be displayed for their end users.  They can even set a date and time when they will expire so that they don't stick around after they are no longer relevant.  It's a simple feature, but an important one.  When we rewrote Self Service last year, we even had a goal to make sure that announcements were very prominent for both users and technicians within Track-It!.  They can so important to your company - why hide them or make them difficult to find?  Doing that just invites more calls where users report that they didn't know about the new application that was just rolled out or about the system downtime.


These are just a few of the ways that Track-It! can help you and your organization fight the help desk blues.  You can't anticipate all of the calls that your help desk will receive, but this is a really good list of the ones that seem to occur over and over again.  The good news is that Track-It! can help you reduce that noise and in some cases even eliminate it.  And that will free up your technicians to spend quality time on those difficult calls so that they can provide excellent service for your users.


Isn't that what it's all about?