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With the release of Track-It! 10.5, the introduction of Track-It! Mobile Web is probably the feature that has customers more excited than anything else in the release.  We have plenty of customers that are jumping up and down with excitement over Email Conversation Management and Retire Asset as well, but I have to say that the new Mobile Web was probably my favorite aspect of the new release.  Today I wanted to talk about my 3 favorite things in the new Mobile Web - I'd love to hear what your favorite 3 aspects of the new Mobile Web are as well.  Post a comment below or contact me via any of the methods listed below - I'd love to hear from you!

Being able to edit all fields of a Work Order

To some, this might not sound like the most important aspect of the Mobile Web and certainly not one to get excited over.  However, for me, this was a big goal when we started working on Track-It! 10.5.  Being able to structure the Work Order Detail screen in a simple and easy-to-use way so that we could include all data entry fields for a Work Order gave me a great deal of satisfaction.  This has already resulted in very positive feedback from customers who realize that having a mobile solution for Track-It! wouldn't be very useful if we didn't give our customers the ability to edit ALL of their data.  What if you use a user-defined field to store some very important information for each Work Order?  If you can't edit that field, you won't be very happy.  And we love happy customers.

Being able to configure the fields shown in the Work Order grid

We also thought it was very important to expose the right data on each screen that you visit in the Mobile Web.  But, as always, our interpretation of what the "right data" is might be very different from yours.  We decided early on that we wanted to build a foundation for configurability in the Mobile Web and this carried over into the Work Order grid.  When you tap on any one of the views on the Help Desk dashboard screen - such as All Work Orders - you are taken to the Work Order grid which displays all Work Orders in the system.  By default, this grid view shows you the Assigned Technician and Requestor associated with each Work Order.  However, as in my previous example, what if the most important piece of information about your Work Orders is always stored in a user defined field?  How awkward would it be for you to have to tap on each Work Order, scroll down to where the user defined information is, review the data, tap the Back button and do it all over again?  Rinse and repeat. That didn't sound like much fun to us, so we made the information shown below the Work Order Summary configurable - you can put any two fields contained in the Work Order there.  So reviewing your Work Orders in the Mobile Web just means scrolling through your list of Work Orders casually as you review your data.  Configuring this information is as easy as editing the configuration file for the Mobile Web on the Track-It! server.  And you can configure each grid view separately - so that you can show the specific information that you need to see no matter what list of Work Orders you may be reviewing.

Being able to insert a Solution into a Work Order

Mobile devices are getting more and more powerful every day and it seems as though everyone in our industry carries one with them wherever they go each day.  In my mind, there are some use cases that seem tailor-made for a small form-factor device - and this is one of them.  Imagine a Technician at the desk of a customer facing a deadline that is drawing ever closer.  They are having trouble printing from their laptop and the cavalry has been called in to save the day. 

Before Track-It! Mobile Web, the technician might have to search the Solutions database from their desk before heading over to see the impatient customer.  Once solving their problem, the technician likely would wait until they got back to their desk to resolve the Work Order and potentially insert the Solution that helped them from the Solutions module into the Work Order.  That doesn't sound so bad - until you think about a situation where the technician might be away from their desk all afternoon in another building or at a data center.  Then getting that information into Track-It! in a timely manner seems difficult. 

The Track-It! Web released in Track-It! 10 helps greatly in this area, but in this particular example, the user has a laptop, a deadline and an itchy trigger finger.  They aren't about to let the technician use their laptop to resolve the Work Order before they go.  Using Track-It! Mobile Web, the technician can easily:

  • View and edit the Work Order
  • Search the Solutions module for any solutions that might help them solve the customer issue
  • Easily insert any of the solutions into the Work Order as a Resolution Note
  • Edit any other pertinent information in the Work Order
  • Change the Work Order status to Closed
  • Smile and grab a doughnut from the box next to the coffee machine that they normally don't even see because they are in a rush all of the time

Simple and effective.  Sure - you could wait to associate the solution with the Work Order until you get back to your desk, but why wait?  The Select button is right there while you're viewing the Solution.  And that's why it's one of my favorite things about the Mobile Web - because it's another example that shows how our mobile solution helps you solve customer problems - not just your own.


Let us know how Track-It! Mobile Web is working for you.  Is it helping your technicians get more done on the go?  Has it helped you get out of a jam while you were away from your desk?  Let us hear from you - we'd love to hear your story!

-- As always, you can reach me at or on twitter (@BennyMorrison) --