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This was originally written for the Numara Track-It! blog on release day of Track-It! 10.5 - it's worth re-publishing here.

Well, today is a very exciting day - Track-It! 10.5 has been released!  We're very excited and very proud to bring you the next version in a long line of tremendous Track-It! releases.  You can now check out the online demo at to see what all the fuss is about! 

Our code name for this release was Volans and it includes some great new features for our customers as well as some important defect fixes.  In fact, the top three features in Track-It! 10.5 are the top three things that have been requested by our customers as tracked by our Product Management and Support groups.  We are committed to listening to our customers and the proof is in the pudding - being able to provide these features just 5 months after releasing Track-It! 10 makes me very proud of what our team has been able to accomplish.  In fact, we were able to get a beta of Track-It! 10.5 into the hands of our beta testing group a little over two months after Track-It! 10 was released in early May.

Track-It! 10.5 has some powerful new features to help our customers deal with their IT problems every day:

Retire Asset - you can now retire Assets in your Inventory while maintaining retired Assets in your database indefinitely in a read-only state for record-keeping purposes.  Retiring an Asset will free up an audit license for use and is something that customers have been asking us for so that they can deal with Assets that have been discarded or otherwise outgrown their useful life in their organization.

Email Conversation Management (ECM) - you can now use Track-It! to record all communication about your Work Order between the end user who requested it and the Assigned Technician - plus other people can be involved in the conversation as well by carbon-copying them on each message.  We took this feature past the point of simply building functionality to allow one to reply to emails and created the ability within the Technician Client and Track-It! Web to compose messages without the need for an email client to be installed on your machine.  This will make it very easy to use ECM via Track-It! Web on remote machines where the Technician might not even be logged in as themselves or where a supported email client is not installed.

Track-It! Mobile Web - yes!  It's finally here!  We've been thinking about mobile devices for some time now and with the release of the new Track-It! Web in Track-It! 10 we laid the foundation for the future  in both your desktop browser as well as your mobile browser.  Track-It! Mobile Web is the first step in implementing our vision of how our customers use their mobile devices every day.  More functionality will be on the way, but in this release we wanted to hit the core functionality that a Technician would need every day - creating, editing, copying and deleting Work Orders and Assignments.  You can also fully edit a Work Order - not just the few fields that we thought were important to a user.  This was very important to us and when we spoke to our customers about it, they confirmed that it was essential for them to do their jobs effectively.  After all, what good is a mobile client if you can only edit part of your Work Order?  You can also search Track-It! to view Work Orders and Solutions, easily go to a specific Work Order and use our gorgeous mobile-formatted help that fits in nicely with the look and feel of Track-It! Mobile Web.  We're thrilled with this first release of Mobile Web and we hope that you are, too. 

Track-It! Remote update - we also have updated our Track-It! Remote add-on to a new version in this release.  This has some very important defect corrections for our customers and solves some particularly sticky Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 issues that have been causing our customers some pain.

I'll be writing some blog posts over the next few weeks that will dive much more deeply into these features. I'll talk about some of the rationale behind some of the technology choices that we made as well as design decisions and other interesting topics around each feature.  Stay tuned for those and if you have any suggested topics or other questions, please post a comment - I'd love to hear from you!

I want to send out our thanks to our beta customers - your feedback was invaluable in helping us test Track-It! 10.5 as well as tweaking some of the new features to ensure that they were spot on.  If you don't want them to have all the fun, consider joining our beta program and getting in on the action yourself.  We've got a lot of great stuff coming up and could sure use your help!  You can get involved by visiting the BMC Track-It! Community - come join us!

Internally here at Numara, we had a couple of bug bashes for this release - one consisted of just our outstanding Quality Assurance department and the second one was open to the company as a whole.  I want to send my personal thanks to everyone that participated - our bug bashers found some things during their testing that we were able to fix for the release before our customers had a chance to see them.  This was so very helpful to the Track-It! team and taking time out of your busy day to help us with the bug bash was very much appreciated. 

Finally, I want to thank my incredible Track-It! team.  Our developers, QA engineers, shared services, Technical Support and Product Management team members just knocked the ball out of the park with this release.  I can't thank each of you enough for the hard work, the meticulous attention to detail that you all had and, most of all, the great fun we all had on this release.  We work hard - very hard - but we also play hard as well.  Getting along as well as we do goes a long way toward success on a project like this - and my Track-It! family is a joy to be around. 

In the grand scheme of things, I've been talking for a long while about the two releases of Track-It! that ended up being Track-It! 10 and now Track-It! 10.5 being a 1-2 punch with the inclusion of Track-It! Web and now Track-It! Mobile Web.  These two releases are our foundation for where we want to go and they now provide a starting point for even more functionality that will be coming in future releases.  So today we're firing up the band and celebrating.  Tomorrow we'll get back to what we do best - working hard on the next release of Track-It!.  The code name for the next release is Hercules and we've got some really exciting things planned for it.  We look forward to having everyone come along for the ride.

It's going to be a lot of fun...