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A little over a year ago, it was clear the way the market was trending that mobile device usage was on the rise. Our customers and prospects were starting to ask about a mobile interface for Track-It! and while it had been on the product road map for a little while, there were some other features ahead of it on thelist. It soon became apparent however, that mobile demand was growingPhoto Sep 07, 3 19 54 PM_small.png and I needed to shift gears to push the mobile interface to the front of that list. Track-It! Mobile Web was born.

It started out as a concept. A few drawings scrawled on sheets of paper lined up on the floor of our development manager Benny's living room. We weighed many things from how other apps worked to what was logical for Track-It!, what a help desk technician on the go really needed and what our users were asking for specifically as well as always asking ourselves, is this easy to understand. On that fall afternoon we shifted the drawings around, crumbled some upand made some new ones, simulating the screen flow and the look and feel and Track-It! Mobile Web began to take shape. Over the next few months, Track-It! Mobile went from hand drawn mock-ups to working prototypes and continued to grow into something much greater.Photo Sep 07, 3 23 28 PM_small.png


Track-It! 10.5 shipped with Track-It! Mobile support for mobile ticketing on iPad, iPhone and Android devices and was met with overwhelming support and enthusiasm from our customer base. Track-It! 10.5 was the culmination of many months of effort by a great team who wanted nothing more than to deliver highly useful, easy to use solutions that customers would love. Today, the Track-It! development team continues to work with customers and develop and enhance the Track-It! Mobile and Web interfaces to add more rich functionality. We are extremely excited about the future of Track-It! Web, Track-It! Mobile and the future of Track-It! and BMC.

More information on Track-It! 10.5, Track-It! Mobile and Track-It! Web can be found on the main Track-It! product page HERE. For a live demo of Track-It! Web, click HERE. Small screen devices will be defaulted to the Track-It! Mobile Web interface while devices with larger screens will default to the full Track-It! Web interface.