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Setting up End Users in Track-It! is easy and one of the first things to do when setting up a new installation of Track-It! Once the users are in the system, they can be linked to the Assets that are in the Inventory and then associated with work orders in the Help Desk as well as be granted access to the Track-It! Web Self Service module.


Users can be manually entered in the Admin Console by going to Tools-Administration Console from the menu and selecting the Lookup Tables-Administration-Users node or added automatically by importing them using Directory Importer. Directory importer connects to an AD or LDAP server and imports user information into Track-It!  To configure Directory Importer, go to the Admin Console by clicking Tools-Administration Console from the menu, then selecting the Configuration-Administration-Directory Importer node.


Once the users are in the system, they can be given access to Track-It! Web Self Service where they can log their own work orders, search for solutions to common problems or check the status of their existing work orders.