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So you just installed Track-It! and need to understand how to get started.  There are some configuration wizards and other useful tools that help new users with the setup of a new install of the product. If you missed those or just need a refresher, let’s start with the basics.


Essentially, you want to get the Inventory populated, get your end users into the system, give your help desk technicians access, setup the lookup tables, configure work order policies and then you are ready to go. If you plan on using Track-It! just for Help Desk, skip the Discovery and Audit posts and go right to the Users setup.


The Inventory is the core of the system and the place to keep track of all your company assets. These Assets can be IT assets such as computers or other electronics or even non IT related assets like furniture. The Inventory can be populated easily and automatically with network Assets by using the Asset Discovery and Audit utilities included with Track-It!  You could also manually populate the Inventory using the Purchasing module or the Track-It! Barcode add on, which we will cover later, to perform a physical inventory.


Most users will start with Asset Discovery and Auditing which can be run manually on demand or set up to run on a schedule. Asset Discovery scans the network looking for any connected piece of hardware and captures its IP and Mac addresses at a minimum. The data is pulled back into Track-It! and becomes the basis of the Inventory module. Once there is a list of assets in the system, the Track-It! Audit can be used to interrogate the computers to gather more information such as hardware information, processor information, memory, disk space and installed software.


Asset Discovery can be configured by opening the Inventory module and clicking Configure Discovery in the Tasks Panel on the left.  An Asset Discovery scan can also be initiated from the Tasks panel in the Inventory module by clicking Discover Assets Now. You can also configure Asset Discovery under the Admin Console by clicking Tools-Administration Console from the main menu and selecting the Network Discovery node under Configuration-Inventory.  The next step is to set up the Track-It! Audit which I will cover in another post.