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This may seem like a very basic feature to some of you veteran Track-It! Help Desk users but I hear this question quite often so I wanted to address it quickly here. Track-It! offers the ability to customize your help desk to fit the terminology used by your organization by allowing you to rename just about any field in the interface quickly and easily. You can also set fields to be required as well.


If you are logged into Track-It! as an administrator, simply open the window that contains the field you want to change, place your cursor in the field and press Shift-F2 on your keyboard. A small window will pop up and display the current name of the field and give you the ability to rename it or set it required.


One of the best parts about this, is that the Track-It! Technician Client and the Track-It! Web interfaces both utilize the same language library so if you rename or require a field in the windows client, the web client will reflect that change as well.


Special thanks to Robert Miller, one of our Track-It! users, for bringing up this question so everyone could benefit.