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Scott Stauffacher
After installing track-it 2018 with standard install and leaving licensing as temporary, i can't log in as the administrator with password that the install gives me.  I get an error of Invalid… (Show more)
in Track-It!
Edith Murillo
Please Help   I'm trying to figure out what these values mean?  I created a business rule for TICKET, however I don't see this rule in the Business Rule Event Viewer at all.  The Rule is active and… (Show more)
in Track-It!
Toby Draper
A number of customers ask whether Track-It! is able to strip any image files from an email signature when the message is processed by the Track-It! email monitor. A work order is created with…
Anthony Brown
I am trying to work on some custom business rules and I have come across something I am not sure is a bug or intended result. Track-It 2018   Scenario -      Technician Adds a Note to… (Show more)
in Track-It!
Edith Murillo
One of our government offices is using Track-it to track their workload (very different from tracking IT help desk) and they frequently change the priority as the due date is getting closer.  They…
Jefferson Kwong
Our organization uses Track-It 11.4 R1 with Exchange Web Services. We were thinking about moving to Track-It 2018, but it does not support EWS, and will not without user feedback. I propose EWS or…
John Beckham
I'm in the process of installing TrackIt 2018 so I can perform a migration from TrackIt 11.4.  My environment is very small so I installed TrackIt 2018 on the same server as my current 11.4… (Show more)
in Track-It!
Knowledge Admin
This document contains official content from the BMC Software Knowledge Base. It is automatically updated when the knowledge article is modified. PRODUCT: Track-It! COMPONENT: Track-It!…
in Track-It!
Brad McClave
Currently the way emailing attachments from Track-it works is all or nothing.  It would be nice if there was a way to select which attachments are sent via email. There should be settings for manual…
Adam Lepp
Track-It 2018 needs the ability to customize the manual email notification when sending email from a ticket.  In 11.x, this could be done in Configuration -> Help Desk -> Work Order Events -> Work…
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