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Patrick Walter
After applying self-service licences to user's, their name and email are no longer populated in tickets created by them by email. The ticket is created will blank requestor and email, and their email… (Show more)
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Edlyn Dapon
One of my technician user experiencing a problem. When he goes to current view and it shows (corrupted) beside "all work orders" and it will never show any information.I asked him to log out and log… (Show more)
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Cornelius Laubscher
Which field do i use in my reports to show the resolution notes of a ticket.
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Craig Zarrella
Is there a setting in IIS that I need to change to have a technician be able to stay connected for longer then 15 minutes.  My technician (Helpdesk) people are in it logging calls and then may go off… (Show more)
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EFIT Helpdesk
I currently have TrackIT 2018 configured to Send an Email to notify users when a ticket is created.  It checks for emails every 2 minutes.  When an email does come in, the user doesn't get notified… (Show more)
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Robert Alpizar
Is there a way to replace the background image on the Self-Service landing page or change the color scheme of the Self-Service site itself?
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Manish Gadgil
You must have came across situations where you want to add total, count of record e,g, Purchase Item totals, Cost totals, Number of assignments, etc in your own custom report with in Track-It! 2018.… (Show more)
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Brian Da Silva
Currently in Track-It! 2018, we cannot modify the existing view for All Work (Assignments & Tickets). We also cannot create a new public view to show all Tickets and Assignments assigned to a…
IT Manager
One of our machines shows the agent getting a 169 IP but the computer has a valid network IP?
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