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Brian Rae
Regards, Abdul Aleem Shaikh Track-It! Technical Support   It looks like currently the Business Rules will not allow us to Blank out the Assigned Tech on a Ticket. So, I would recommend creating…
Ken Soszka
I will be working with a client who does not use AD, they use Novell and an LDAP server. Will Directory Importer work with an LDAP server in Track-It! 2019?
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Cris Coffey
If we were to hold a conference or participate in a conference with a partner next year, would you be interested in attending?   If the price to attend was $500 or less, would you attend? (you would… (Show more)
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Pavla Luckham
In trackit version 11 I was able to create sub filters for columns as shown below. type/location/department. I would like the new trackit to be able to filter in the same way.  Currently you can only…
Michael Chohrach
In TI 11 we had the ability to require the resolution be filled in before the ticket could be closed. Need the same ability on the Ticket Resolution note type in TI 2018. Currently using one of the…
Peter Moore
Can we please have a tool for bulk loading inventory.   We want to use trackit as our primary source for tracking inventory.  As goods are received we want to be able to enter the details of all…
jacquie harrison
I group og my TRack-It users are comparing Track-it 2019 to 11.4.1 and deciding which version to use.  The users in 11.4.1 like to logon as themselves and have administrator rights and full access to… (Show more)
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john rutherford
Is it possible to change the field names in the asset module (such as custom text 1 to PC Slot #). Using 2019 (BUILD: We have non standard asset data that we are populating the custom… (Show more)
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Matt Hackbart
Is it possible to increase the size of the window that contains a solution? With a high resolution monitor and having Track-It maximized there is a lot of empty gray space at the bottom of the… (Show more)
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Wayne Sexton
I get an error trying to login to Track-It 2019. "An error occurred while fetching esential configuration." Essential is misspelled. Has anyone seen this? I installed Track-it 2019 and I'm logging… (Show more)
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