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Percy McLaughlin
Has anyone installed this application on a Windows 10 computer and successfully synchronized your Bar Code device to enable the use of Bar Code asset scanning in TrackIT? I have it working in Windows… (Show more)
in Track-It!
Nicholas Alleyne
Hello,   Is the TrackIT 11.4 ERD available anywhere?  It was previously on the numara site, but it seems it has been pulled down (was located here:… (Show more)
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Nicholas DeFrancesco
I want to be able to be able to remove the "View all my Change Request Approvals" from the default view.
Sergey Savchuk
When you try to print a ticket, it will not print the notes or Additional information field. Is there a way to fix that?   Thank you, Sergey
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Bill Hamilton
We have a few cases where Track-it is installed on technician's Windows 10 PC and it closes as soon as it is opened.  We've tried uninstalling and reinstalling with no change.  Has anyone else seen… (Show more)
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Daric Smith
Are there any roadmap plans to add configuration for an Exchange MAPI email box instead of IMAP/POP3.  By default, Exchange 2013 and 2016 has IMAP services disabled and if often left disabled in a… (Show more)
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Network Operations
Can we get an option to allow business rule notifications to also notify emails in the "Email cc" field.
Brian Rae
Story: When a ticket is updated with new/changed Status or Notes and the field(s) under Notification Information EMAIL Cc or EMAIL Bcc have been filled in with EMAIL addresses that these Cc'd or… (Show more)
in Track-It!
Julie Leach
We are using Track-it! and would like very much to see a feature that allows for the following:   SCENARIO: We have several Work Orders generated that report on bugs in a vendor…
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