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Alejandro Araujo
In order of importance, I'l like to see the following enhancements added to the Track-It Calendar: Support for several work shifts / time zones Support for Individual Technician schedules /…
Sean Blasko
Using trackit 2018.02 how do I create expected response  durations  and expected fix durations that are greater than 99 hours? Our business requirements dictate 10 day or 30 day response times on… (Show more)
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Vasiliy Tomyev
Would be great to have the ability to perform actions such as (but not limited to)delete/retire on multiple items at once. It's very frustrating to have to perform the same action on only one item at…
Bob Duker
I would like to see overall improvements made to the performance and execution of the Workstation audits. This could take many forms, but I've jotted down a few.  In short though, I need the audits…
Brian Cox
We have recently installed Track-It 2018 and chose to scan for assets rather than import from Track-It 11. Track-It found the assets but did not associate them with users. Is it possible to associate… (Show more)
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PC Wai
When support multiple customers with different Support ID, I need to create Cases with the correct Support ID. However, the support id list is only sorted in ascending order. The smaller number is…
Vasiliy Tomyev
We've been unable to perform a network discovery for over a week now (after installing and migrating to TI 2018). Has anyone faced this issue? If so how did you resolve it?
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Michael Simmons
Hello Track-It! Community, I'm currently running Track-It! 11.4 and received the following questions that I cannot find answers to and am requesting the communities clarification about current… (Show more)
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Vasiliy Tomyev
Get a notification from the internet browser when a new ticket arrives/is updated by requester in Track-It. Similar to Gmail when a new email is received. You may turn the feature on or off.  …
Kevin Schoettlin
I am trying to have any email coming in to the system with certain words in the Subject create a ticket that already has a pre-populated Template.  I have created the rule in Email Configuration,… (Show more)
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