• BSA - SCVMM 2016 Support

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    Dear Support,   Please can you follow-up on a requirement we have to support SCVMM (System Center Virtual Machine Manager) 2016 in BSA; we need this to be certified thru the CLM application stack.  We also ...
    Gary Dutton
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  • How can BSA run commands as elevated command prompts or powershell shells

    Hi all. I am trying to use BSA to uninstall SEP software. There are two options for the uninstall but both are failing with an error 1603 which is relating to elevated permissions. If I use a BL job to run an externa...
    John Donnelly
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  • Re: Can sendMailWithAttachment send multiple attachment?

    [root@s1d1plbma01 br]# nsh s1d1plbma01# blcli Email sendMailWithAttachment consolegenerated_CRM_DR_bsa@sbi.co.in harshit.bansal@techmahindra.com "Hello" "Heres the file" "/tmp/" "S50PatrolAgent.sh" No authentication...
    Harshit Bansal
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  • add Goto button to Tasks in Progress panel to select the Job object in the Folders panel.

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    From the Tasks in Progress panel it is not possible to identify the specific Job Group Path containing the Job or Execution Task that was executed. Jobs can be searched by name as it appears, but if multiple Jobs exi...
    Josh Crampton
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  • blcli_execute Server getServerDBKeyByName $HOST

    Guys,   I'm running an NSH script against all my servers to check disk space and set a property to LOW if space is below a certain level. However, on certain servers the script does not run (Although it runs fin...
    Stephen Galvin
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  • Multiple ZipKit versions

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    Here is a thread that sparked this IDEA: Multiple ZipKit versions   Often when I try to use ZipKits, they are tied to a specific version of BSA (often times, a version that I am not currently running), and unl...
    Matthew Ragland
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  • Using blcli to push agent acl to a specific server

    In BSA console, one could right-click a server, select Administration Task -> Agent ACLs to update the /etc/rsc/users file on that server.   How do i write blcli commands to perform that action?   If t...
    Dennis Yeo
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  • release BLCLI namespaces/commands to automate Proxy Server addition/removal

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    Hi, there is nowadays no way how to use released commands to add Proxy server and manage Network routing rules in BSA infrastructure management.   Please release same/similar blcli commands as you have for Repe...
    Petr Lampart
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  • Use of webservices in Bladelogic to run blcli commands

    Hello,   I am creating some python code to run some blcli command with help of web services.           client.set_options(location='https://hostname:9843/services/LoginSe...
    Ashish Vijay
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  • Can sendMailWithAttachment send multiple attachment?

    Hi,   I'm have managed to send a single attachment with the sendMailWithAttachment command. I like to know if the command can be use to send multiple attachment. If yes, how should be the syntax like?   Th...
    YewAnn Ong
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  • Blade ZipKits Currently Available

    System Package Windows 2012 Standard Edition for VMware (bare-metal) Windows 2012 R2 Standard Edition for VMware (bare-metal) CentOS 5.x 64-bit for VMware (bare-metal) Oracle 6.x 64-bit for VMware (bare-metal) Red Hat...
    Bill Robinson
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  • Centos Patching Failed during deployment

    Hi,   We're trying to patch Centos 7 using VPC in BSA 8.9   Analysis found 190 packages as requiring update. But the problem is during the deployment where the job tries to install the packages that is not...
    Lokanadhan Karthik
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  • Deploy jobs do not move further

    Bill Robinson Sean Berry   We are finding bit strange performance issue in our environment.   When we kick-off a Deploy job, the initial 2 threads would be processed up to Simulate then, it will not move f...
    Santhosh Kurimilla
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  • Importing Servers with Server Properties

    Dear All,        We have imported servers with respective server propeties. Now we wanted to import some more properties of those servers. While I'm doing import it says, the server already e...
    Raghava Sanam
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  • Work Item Result Objects

    Bill Robinson/All,   Can anyone explain me "Work Item Result Objects" and provide more details?  
    Santhosh Kurimilla
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  • How to submit community created Blade ZipKits

    The goal of the Blade ZipKit program is to offer time-to-value for our customers and partners when implementing and using BladeLogic Server Automation. Using pre-built packages that are built by the community for the ...
    Bill Robinson
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  • blcred Error Message:  "Could not find the jvm_path"

    I have one windows server that cannot run a NSH Script from the Command Line. This script works on other servers. Below is the caommand with the full error output. As you can see the blcli command fail because i'm not...
    Preston Padgett
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  • BSA: Notification of vulnerability CVE-2018-9310 in Magnicomp Sysinfo solution used by BSA RSCD Agent to capture Hardware Information

    BMC Software is alerting customers who use BMC Server Automation (BSA) for managing Unix/Linux Targets to this Knowledge Article which highlights vulnerability CVE-2018-9310 in the Magnicomp Sysinfo solution used by B...
    John O'Toole
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  • Re: blcred Error Message:  "Could not find the jvm_path"

    Hi Bill,   We are getting the same error. We have recently done a patch upgrade activity of our BSA appserver from 8.7 P3 to P5.   I am running an NSH job which provides me the status of RSCD agent in our ...
    Siddhesh Bakkar
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  • Patch deployment sequence

         Hi, Microsoft has released a statement about Windows 2016's June cumulative patch.   "Windows 10 version 1607 and Windows Server 2016 users must install KB4132216 prior to installing the...