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BMC is coming to Boston!  Join technical experts and peers to learn about the latest BMC products and solutions that enable their innovation, their careers, and their companies. 


Attend the Datacenter Automation and Security track to hear the latest news.  We will talk about what is happening with our products, Security Operations and Service Process Orchestration. 


You will hear from Brian Alexander, Daniel Nelson, Dan Reed, and Neil Parisi


If you are interested in speaking and telling your Automation or IT Security story, please comment below.


Details for BMC Day

Date: May 9, 2017

Where: Hotel Commonwealth, 500 Commonwealth Avenue, Boston, MA 02215

When: 9:00am - 7:00pm


Register today!



North East User Group SecOps Response Service BladeLogic


Heather Tomlinson Ina Shpak

Kim Wharton

BMC Day Chicago - March 2

Posted by Kim Wharton Employee Feb 23, 2017



Next week (March 2), BMC is taking over the Loews Hotel in Chicago to talk about digital transformation at the BMC Day Chicago.  If you are in the MidWest (or feel like coming to Chicago), we would love to see you. 


During the event, you will learn, connect with others and also understand the latest trends and technologies.


In the Datacenter Automation, Cloud and Security track, we will have the following sessions:

  • Innovate, Automate, and Secure Your Digital Transformation
  • Secure Delivery - Ensuring Compliance and Control for Application Pipelines
  • Secure Operations - New Approaches to Secure Your Enterprise in the App Economy
  • Bridging the Gap with Service Process Orchestration


View the full agenda and abstracts.  We are track 4 on the agenda.


Register today to let us know you are joining us.


It will be a fun day - learning and also, visiting with our sponsors, and of course networking.  Come join us!


BladeLogic Discovery / ADDM SecOps Response Service Central User Group


Well, as you can tell I am a little late in posting part 4 of our Hack and Defend video series.


Watch the final video in our series - Hacker Goes for the Crown Jewels



Other videos you may have missed:

Part 1 - Intro to Hack and Defend

Part 2 - Hacker Breaches the Perimeter

Part 3 - Hacker Goes for the Gooey Center


BladeLogic Discovery / ADDM Network Automation


Welcome to Week 3 of our BladeLogic Threat Director video series.


Part 3 of the Hack and Defend video series focuses on hackers exposing more vulnerabilities than you were expecting.  Check out Hack and Defend: Hacker goes for the Gooey Center.



Other videos you may have missed:

Part 1 - Intro to Hack and Defend

Part 2 - Hacker Breaches the Perimeter

Part 4 - Hacker Goes for the Crown Jewels


Discovery / ADDM BladeLogic Network Automation


Another week has gone by and we are heading in to an exciting weekend.  I am going to digress here - I live in Houston and Super Bowl 51 (American football) is coming here 5 Feb.  This weekend, they start all the fun activities - concerts, food trucks, NFL Experience, a NASA virtual reality ride (I will be in line for this), and so much more.


OK, back to work for now.


As we move in to week 2 of our video series, I want to share with you the next video: Hack and Defend - Hacker Breaches the Perimeter.   In this video, GuidePoint Security will show us how easy it is for hackers to download free tools to breach the enterprise.





Other videos you may have missed:

Part 1 - Intro to Hack and Defend

Part 3 - Hacker goes for the Gooey Center

Part 4 - Hacker goes for the Crown Jewels


Discovery / ADDM BladeLogic Network Automation


This week I am beginning a 4 week video series showcasing BladeLogic Threat Director.


BladeLogic Threat Director provides IT operations and security teams the data they need to prioritize and remediate threats based on potential impact to the business.


In the video series, BMC partners with GuidePoint Security to share how hackers can get in to your systems and how you can prevent the vulnerabilities.


Part 1 is an introduction to our Hack and Defend demo.




Other videos:

Part 2 - Hacker Breaches the Perimeter

Part 3 - Hacker goes for the Gooey Center

Part 4 - Hacker goes for the Crown Jewels




Discovery / ADDM  BladeLogic Network Automation


BMC Cover.jpg



Today, BMC and Forbes Insights release their 2nd Annual Security survey titled "Enterprises Re-Engineer Security in the Age of Digital Transformation".  The report is focused on how organizations are continuing to invest in protecting themselves and their customers from cyber attacks.


Hear from Bill Berutti, president of data center automation & security and compliance, on his viewpoints from the report and read the full report.


As Bill says, "the frequency and severity of attacks will continue to rise until something significant is done.  The time for action is now."


Upcoming webinar to hear BMC's thoughts on the 2nd Annual Security Survey:

Tuesday, February 21, 2017 - Join BMC and Forbes Insights to explore the latest thinking around security for public clouds, big data, mobile apps, and more.  The webinar will begin at 12:00pm CST/10:00am PST/1:00pm EST.  Register today.


Upcoming event:

March 2, 2017 - BMC Day Chicago, Chicago, IL - Learn, connect, and advance.  Join BMC to get insider access to BMC solutions and executives.  Register today.



BladeLogic, Discovery / ADDM


Security image.jpg


voke, an independent analyst firm, is conducting research about IT security operations automation.  Voke would love to hear from you and your experiences in this area. 


Take the survey now.


Still thinking about participating...voke would like your opinion on:

  1. What are your favorite security operations automaton tools?
  2. What are your biggest security operations automation challenges?
  3. How effective are your practices to patch security vulnerabilities?
  4. Has your organization failed an audit, been hacked, or experienced a high profile security breach?


voke would also like to hear about your organizations security operations automation practices and whether your operations are secure.


By completing the survey and sharing your story, you will receive the report based on the research for free!


Deadline to complete is Sunday, October 16, 2016.


Take the survey today.


start now.jpg


BMC training schedule is posted for January and February.  We want you to be successful in BMC solutions.  We run classes year round and worldwide across the BMC product lines.  Below are the classes listed by class/product name.

Review the below and register today.  Please check BMC Academy for latest availability, BMC reserves the right to cancel/change the schedule.  View our cancellation policy and FAQs.   As always, check back in BMC Academy for the most up to date schedule.

To see all our courses by product/solution, view our training paths.

Also, BMC offers accreditations and certifications across all product lines, learn more.


For questions, contact us

Americas -


Asia Pacific -


Start Date/Location
BMC BladeLogic Server Automation 8.5: Foundation - Part 2

4 January / Americas / Online

11 January / Asia Pacific / Online

25 January / Americas / Houston, TX

8 February / Americas / Online

8 February / EMEA / Online

BMC BladeLogic Server Automation 8.5: Foundation - Part 3

11 January / Americas / Online

18 January / Asia Pacific / Online

1 February / EMEA / Winnersh, UK

15 February / Americas / Online

15 February / EMEA / Online

BMC Certified Professional: BladeLogic Server Automation 8.5: Practical Exam

4 January / Americas / Houston, TX

4 January / EMEA / Winnersh, UK

4 January / Asia Pacific / Pune, IN

4 January / Asia Pacific / Bangalore, IN

1 February / Americas / Houston, TX

1 February / EMEA / Winnersh, UK

1 February / Asia Pacific / Pune, IN

1 February / Americas / Mexico City, MX

1 February / Americas / Sao Paulo, BR

1 February / Asia Pacific / Bangalore, IN

29 February / Americas / Houston, TX

29 February / EMEA / Winnersh, UK

29 February / Asia Pacific / Pune, IN

29 February / Americas / Mexico City, MX

29 February / Americas / Sao Paulo, BR

29 February / Asia Pacific / Bangalore, IN


Managing A Busy Life.jpg

My attention span is shot

I am sitting in my backyard trying to focus on this blog while I am thinking about my project list at work, how to get all my workouts in, manage my house remodel, etc etc.    You see, I participate in sprint triathlons, half marathons and I work plus I try to have a personal life.  How can I balance all of this and not lose my mind or my patience or just fall flat on my face from exhaustion?  I know I am not the only person who thinks about this daily….how do we get it all done? With all this going on, I can now relate to why BMC Education Services is redesigning how we consume training. We all have some lack of attention with our busy world.


Of course, on top of trying to conquer my little world, I decided to take an online class – what was I thinking?  Well, I was thinking about my career and how I can improve a skill.  Then after I registered for the class, I began to panic – the class is online, twice a week – how will I fit that in to the rest of my schedule?


I have limited patience for long videos (I am not sure how I sat through lectures in college).  With the increasing use of tablets, smartphones, social media, I like to get information in little bits and I like it fast. I have a hard time with mandatory compliance web-based trainings that are 20 minutes long; I have a hard time working out more than 30 minutes.  If I cannot sit through a 20 minute web-based training, how would I learn anything new if training took longer than 20 minutes?   Can you sit through a 20 minute class?  A 2 hour class or meeting?  A 5 day class or meeting?


With the growing popularity of YouTube, I can learn how to do tasks in a short amount of time (usually less than 5 minutes).  I use it for fixing things around my house, strength training and even cooking – did you know how to get brussel sprouts off the stalk?  YouTube has a video!  What have you used YouTube for besides watching funny videos?


What is BMC Education Services seeing?

BMC Education Services is seeing the trend of short attention spans too.  According to News and the new book “BRIEF: Making a Bigger Impact by Saying Less”, our attention spans have declined from 12 seconds to 8 seconds from 2000 to 2013.

attention span.png


Individuals like to learn the specific task they need immediately to help them do their job now. Have you heard of Sal Khan from Khan Academy?  He began the movement of short videos to help teach math, science, economic, humanities, etc.


New delivery method for short attention spans

BMC has taken that idea and formed our new education delivery method called BMC BOLT.



BMC BOLT is a blended learning style that combines four learning elements:

  • Lectures that are recorded into small consumable chunks lasting 10 – 20 minutes
  • Recorded demos related to lab exercises that can be watched to gain a practical view during the lectures
  • A full lab environment available for a five-day period during the offering time
  • Instructor office hours during which an instructor is available to show demos or answer questions


Each training module can be taken in 10 – 20 minute sections so individuals can focus on a specific task needed at that particular time hence the name BOLT – like a bolt of lightning. Granted, BMC BOLT is not as fast as lightning but you get my point.  Fast is relative and less than 20 minutes is fast to learn a new task.


First class offering for BMC BOLT

Our first class offering this model is BMC Server Automation 8.2: Foundation – Part 2.  With BMC BOLT, you do not need to take the lessons in a specific order, you can skip around from lesson to lesson so you can learn the task you need at the time you need it. 


With BMC BOLT, I hope that you (and I) can balance work and life.  BMC BOLT gives you the tools to learn a task quickly and on demand.


Conquering my world

Now, let’s get back to my dilemma, how did I fit it all in?  First, let’s go back to the class I took.  It was hard….there was no video, no professor delivering a lecture – it was a web page with words on it – there were not even images or photos - BORING. I ended up not taking it too seriously (don’t tell my manager) but as I said before – I like short, tidbits of information and I like it fast.  The class did not fit my learning style.  For my workouts, I scheduled those in the morning and then I fit everything else in throughout the day and evening including work.  Things are getting done.


To learn more about BMC Education and Consulting, visit us BMC Customer Success (consulting, education, and support)

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