Goose: It's the bottom of the 9th, the score is tied. It's time for the big one.

Iceman: You up for this one, Maverick?

Maverick: Just a walk in the park, Kazansky


In my previous blog post i expressed my excitement about how easy it is to install BMC Server Automation 8.6 using the Unified Product Installer. In that blog post i called it the One-Click Installer, i was asked to call it by its official name, Unified Product Installer, i will try to do that from now on.


Today i am going to jot down my experiences upgrading one of my current 8.5 demo environments to 8.6 using the One-Click Unified Product Installer. I will not do anything to my environment except a database cleanup, which you need to do one in a while anyway, and a backup of my current environment in case something goes wrong. Ah, and i didn't RTFM either...


Let's go! I am using the same download as i did for the fresh install and click in the setup.exe which launches the setup.jar file.


12-20-2014 10-58-21 AM.png

The Unified Product Installer apparently detected that i already have a running BSA instance on my server, so it automatically goes into upgrade mode.

12-20-2014 10-59-22 AM.png

Next. Accept License agreement. Next.

The Unified Product Installer now asks for my BSA admin credentials because it wants to do an environment discovery.

12-20-2014 11-01-48 AM.png

This environment discovery is going to detect how many appservers you have running and where, where your fileserver resides, if they are up and running, which agent versions are running, database connections, etc. Everything needed to do the database, application server and agent upgrades.

12-20-2014 11-04-34 AM.png

Yes, i know, my environment is not huge, but it is what it is. One appserver and one fileserver. Both are up and running and agent versions are 8.5 SP1 and 8.5 SP1 Patch 1. Always keep your agents on the latest version, Ton!! Anyway, maybe this is a good opportunity to also fix that.

Obviously the BSA instance will be brought down during the upgrade. After all, we are replacing the agents, the appserver software, migrating the database, etc. Just to not make mistakes, the Installer asks us to agree upon the fact that the appserver will be down during upgrade.

12-20-2014 11-05-33 AM.png

And that's basically all. I cannot make it more complicated than that. Just press Install and the Unified Product Installer will do it's thing.

12-20-2014 11-09-02 AM.png

On my environment this "thing", the upgrade, took appx 20 minutes to complete. Don't be misguided by the progress bar in the screenshot above showing 79% done and still 17 minutes to go. We all know progress bars cheat on us.

So after 20 minutes i got the following screen and was ready to do the post-install activities like upgrading the consoles, agents on the targets, etc.

12-20-2014 11-31-13 AM.png

As i said, 20 minutes for an environment upgrade. The actual download of the installer takes longer than the upgrade itself. And everything in a controlled fashion. I will not forget the DB upgrade scripts anymore. I will not forget the upgrade the agent. I will not forget to run the post-upgrade scripts, etc.


After my positive experience with using the Unified Product Installer for a fresh install somehow i was not surprised that an environment upgrade using the same installer would also work fabulously.

Again i want to thank the various development teams for making this possible. I am managing quite a few demo environments and performing infrastructure upgrade is always something i look up to.

Well, not anymore.