New Hotfix for BSA 8.3 SP3 is available. It contains following fixes...


  • Red Hat Catalog using ISO doesn't add packages to catalog (QM001861846)
  • SLES 11 Patch Analysis goes wrong if the kernel-syms package is installed on a target server (QM001864779)
  • OpenSSL upgrade for Poodle vulnerability (QM001862202)
  • Sparc Solaris11 RSCD Agent fails to enroll (QM001853023)
  • Solaris OS reboot processing often hang (QM001851279)
  • SSLV3 disable for Poodle Vulnerability (QM001862926)
  • Patch Remediation Job errors out with NotFoundExceptions (QM001862019)
  • Performance improvement of compliance cleanup (QM001864549)
  • Catalog Update Job for SUSE Linux adds 0 RPMs (QM001865415)
  • Patching job in Post Virtual Guest Job - Batch Job does not get targets (QM001863627)


For more detail, check readme file.