(Posted on behalf of Matt Salerno)


BMC Software is pleased to announce the release of BMC Database Automation (BDA) 8.6 on December 11 2014.  Our primary vision is to build a complete database management solution and to stay current with database trends and customer needs.


With this release of BMC Database Automation (BDA) 8.6 we are happy to announce a new set of features including database compliance functions to improved UI operations and many many more.


Highlights of the release:

Database Compliance:

Attempting to verify and maintain security and compliance is a never-ending drain on an organization's resources. BMC Database Automation 8.6.00 includes a compliance engine that improves an organization's ability to manage database compliance, reduce the risk and cost of compliance, and increasing governance. The compliance engine enables users to automate and standardize complex database activities that include provisioning, patching and administration using a platform for creating compliance standards.       


    • Validate your database environment using industry defined standards
    • Create custom standards to validate against companies best practices


    • Remediation compliance violations directly within BDA.


    • Historical reporting for compliance trends with BMC Decision Support for Database Automation (BDSDA)


BDA Navigation:

    • Search functionality has been introduced that allows users to quickly locate objects within the BDA Grid.

Template-based provisioning using command line utilities

    • Command line utilities now support using templates to perform provisioning operations on all the databases supported by BMC Database Automation in addition to the existing utilities.

Health and Value Dashboards

    • BMC Database Automation version 8.6.00 adds a Health and Value Dashboard that enables you to view and assess the health of the system, including the status of the BMC Database Automation Manager.


    • BDA Database automation now includes supporter for the following platforms:


  • New/Updated Operating Systems
    • Support for Oracle Linux 6
    • Support for Suse Linux 11


  • New/Updated Database Systems
    • Oracle
    • Sybase Adaptive Server Enterprise (ASE) 16.0
    • Oracle Linux 6 for Oracle 11gR2 and Oracle 12c


For complete information about what's new or changed, see 8.6.00 enhancements