It gives BMC immense pleasure to make Generally Available (GA) announcement for BladeLogic Server Automation (BSA) release version 8.6.00 on December 12 2014. This release is special for BMC due to variety of reasons and we hope you as esteemed customers of BMC and BladeLogic Server Automation (BSA) find it equally valuable in moving the infrastructure automation initiatives to the next level of maturity in your organizations. BMC cannot wait to hear good stories you will be sharing once you get on with BSA 8.6.00!



Let me share some of the cool stuff which makes this release very special for BMC and hope it gives enough sound reasons for you to adopt BSA 8.6.00.


First and foremost, via this release we were able make measurable inroads to deliver releases at a much faster pace. In the past BMC BSA team required “12-18” months’ time period to deliver product releases. We have delivered BSA 8.6.00 release in 6-9 months’ time frame considering the fact that we delivered BSA 8.5 SP1 July 2014 earlier this year. The story gets even sweeter as you read few other things BMC has done.


We have instituted 100% QA automation as a mandate for all new features we develop. This is on top of already high level  of existing QA automation. BMC does not stop there. BMC has a process in place to go through independent Quality certification including application security check for BSA which addresses lot of quality and security issues before it reaches the hands of our customers.


BMC is delivering Health and Value Dashboard (HVD) to help our customers ensure BSA application is tuned based on BMC best practices to not only function at optimal performance to automate repetitive server management tasks but also  provide time and costs savings by increased used of automation. BMC is taking additional steps around HVD in future release to provide time series trends around key parameters to further simplify management of BSA itself.


Many of the customers have asked for support for popular new platforms and certain features to manage the current and upgraded server infrastructure optimally. BMC responded by delivering support for Windows 2012, RHEL 7 OS and HyperV 2012 hypervisor platform. On the Patching front we have enhanced support for AIX patching and added Ubuntu and RHEL 7 patching support. Additionally we provide capabilities for customers to now install agents which are behind restricted Proxy settings.


We all have witnessed that in year 2014 many of the organizations we work spanning private, public and federal and local government were plagued with plenty of security breaches and Heartbleed and shellshock like vulnerabilities. U S Postal Service and Sony Pictures Entertainment were two latest one out of many affected organizations. BMC BSA responded to this crisis situation by providing content to detect and remediate Heartbleed and shellshock vulnerabilities. With BSA 8.6.00, BMC is providing 21 Out of the Box Compliance templates covering the DISA, CIS and PCI v3 security and regulatory standards. BMC is delivering revamped compliance capabilities including simplified rule authoring so customers are capable for authoring custom content for urgent or unique needs.


In the end, to help customers adopt BSA 8.6.00 at a faster pace BMC has simplified install and upgrade to the point where getting to 8.6 literally becomes boringly simple! We also are launching a short time promotion called early adopter program where BMC will provide R&D SMEs to help assess your BSA implementation and guide you through the process to get to 8.6 all free of charge!! All we ask from you is please try BSA 8.6.00 as you have nothing to miss but to let BMC and other fellow customers to know how cool BSA 8.6.00 really is.


Need more information? Check out what’s new in BSA 8.6


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