BMC Server Automation documentation team has developed a series of topics on Getting started with BMC Server Automation. The series includes the following topics available on (BMC's Online Technical Documentation Portal):


TopicWhat is it about
Why automate?Provides some background and rationale for automating the administrative tasks in your IT environment.
How does BSA work?Provides a high level look at the capabilities of BSA, and the benefits of using it to automate the management, control, and enforcement of server configuration changes in the data center.
Walkthrough: Adding a Windows managed serverWalks you through the process of installing an RSCD agent on a server and adding the server to the list of servers BladeLogic Server Automation manages.
Walkthrough: Inventory using Live BrowseWalks you through the process of using the BSA Live Browse capability to inventory systems in your environment.
Walkthrough: Audit a single configuration itemWalks you through the process of performing an automated check of a server to determine if its configuration matches a standard configuration, using a BSA Audit Job.
Walkthrough: Build a simple BLPackage to distribute contentWalks you through the process of distributing some type of content (such as applications, hotfixes, configuration files, and so on) using a BSA feature called a BLPackage.


The Walkthrough topics describe detailed use cases, which any administrator might perform on a frequent basis. The walkthroughs include videos and step-by-step procedures for performing the activity.