Last night, together with my 11-year old son and his best friend, i went to see a friendly soccer match of our favorite team. It was a beneficial match to help the poor children in the world. The theme was called "In our game nobody will be left off-side". We had good fun and at the end the organization collected 400.000 euros. You can imagine that we got home tired but in a very good mood.


I went to bed and then i had this dream…

I went back to the time when i was a Software Consultant running a Proof of Concept at a customer. Most of us have been there: You show up, install the software and then begin to work. But this time it was different. The software was different. We were doing things different. It was only a 2 day PoC where as normally we would do the same PoC in 5 days. What had changed?

We loaded up the software and started the DCA Portal. A nice looking interface from where all common actions like OS provisioning, software deployments, audit and compliance jobs were to be launched. Very nice, but that was not the most important difference. There was a link on the DCA portal that said: Up/Download Content. I click the link and a menu shows up with various items: OS Packages, Software Packages, Application Release, Regulatory Compliance and more. I was planning to load the standard Out-of-the-Box content, but i couldn't find it on EPD. Now, that's why! It's all online now!! So i click on Compliance Content and get a huge list of policies to select. Policies i am looking for, but also policies i have never heard of. I guess they must be used in other parts of the world.

At the top of the list there are three filter buttons: BMC provided, Partner provided and Community provided. Also there is a button with the text Upload. This means that i can upload the content i create this week and use it for my next PoC's. So that's how you perform 5 day PoC's in only 2 days!!


And then i had this dream…

I was an Account Manager creating an economical proposal for a new Cloud customer. The licensing part is easy, we have price lists for that. The hard part is the consulting Services part. Once the software is installed, what does the customer want us to do and how much do i charge for that? I had a list of activities the customer wants us to do, the content he wants us to create for his CLM project. Service Offerings. A huge list varying from simple Windows OS deployment to complex fully stacked virtual datacenters. How do i calculate all this?

But this time things were different. In my quoting tool i could select the Service Offering components i wanted and with every selection i make the tool tells me if this content is already available or if this content needs to be created. I can see that there is a lot of content available as Community provided content and that it takes 0 hours to build.

I don't know how we do this, but this certainly keeps the total price for the project down and makes it easier for the customer to decide in favor of BMC.


And then i had this dream…

I was a CS Project Manager building a planning for a new project a customer just signed for. This time i am short on resources, but what needs to be done needs to be done. The main part of the project is, again, creating content for this DCA project.

Focus for the customer is on rapid deployment of application updates while keeping their environment legally compliant.

They are in the grass-growing business and the grass-growing business has a regulation called TGGSCR (The Grass-Growing Society Compliance Regulation) which i have never heard from. Also they are looking for integration into the GGSDT (Grass-Growing Software Delivery Tool) which i have never heard from. How to quote this in time and effort if i don't even know what the regulation is about?

Having a look at other customers in the GG business, i have found that a project has been done in South America with a GG company and that the integration code and compliance content has been uploaded and made available on the BMC Content Repository.

Now, that saves me a bunch of headache! Project plan done, minimal resources required, price acceptable for the customer and time to deliver approximately 2 weeks!!


And then i had this dream…

I am a new System Automation Engineer in a company that has BMC Cloud Lifecycle Management as their main platform to deliver application infrastructure to our customers. We just had a new customer on board who i need to deliver new infrastructure for before the end of this week. This is a non-standard customer for us. Most of our customers are using WebSphere and Weblogic and this customer is using JBoss.

I just came back from the mandatory BMC CLM training, so i know how that works, but i have no clue about JBoss. What's is it? What do i need to get this deployed? And all this before the end of this week? That's not going to be easy!!

In the CLM training i learned that there is a Service Offering Download option which connects to the BMC Content Repository. Let's see if someone already has done something with JBoss. Maybe i'm lucky.

I open the CLM console, Click on Content Download, CLM, Application Stacks and yes, there is JBoss! I click on JBoss and select the "With Dependencies" checkbox and press Download.

Two minutes later JBoss shows up in my Available Service Offerings panel. WOW!! That saved me a lot of headache!! What do you mean "before the end of this week"? It's done!!


And then i had this dream…

I am a small software integrator and times are hard. Projects, if any at all, are under time and money pressure. I have my people sitting on a bench. What do i do?

There is a lot of buzz in the partner community, specially around some ecosystem BMC has created around their products. What's up with that?

Looking on the BMC Partner portal i see a link to the BMC Content Store where Certified Content Partners can sell content related to BMC products. So now i can dedicate my people with spare cycles to creating content for BMC products and upload it to the Store. And the good thing is, i only create the content once, upload it and after that moment every time my content gets downloaded i get a major piece of the money pie! Now, that's nice! Work once and collect many.

Now wait, there is this content rating system where users can give feedback on the quality of my content, so it'll better be good!


.... And then i woke up…

I took a shower, my breakfast and sat down at my laptop writing this blog post.


What if we could make this dream a reality?