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George NameToUpdate
Hello ,   We are looking for a way to get the status result of Bladelogic(BL) compliance job. What we mean here is to get information if the compliance job that was ran against specific target to… (Show more)
in Server Automation
Edwin Lindeman
We're trying to create a Read-Only role in BTD. Basically its going to be a manager role so the role its self in BSA is read only to all of the objects. When were in BTD we get these errors messages… (Show more)
in Server Automation
Christopher Dale
hello,   I need to be able to transfer single files up to half of a TB.   I was wondering if there was a max file size for a file transfer Job?   Thanks,   Chris
in Server Automation
Robert Nielsen
Today when a user tries add an empty smart group to a patching job, it is disallowed and gives an error. Can this be changes to creating a popup when the user tries to add it bit let it be allowed?
Surendar Manoharan
I am seeing "Error:Executing redirection process failed with errno =2(No such file or directory)" error messages in almost most of my NSH script jobs since last few days after upgrading BSA… (Show more)
in Server Automation
baha NameToUpdate
Dear ladies and gentlemen,   Currently we are working for a big telecommunication company, where we used BSA to manage more than 25000 servers with different OS and system architecture.   BSA is…
David Cupitt
BMC Remedy CMDB contains a lot of CI's (data fields) that can be used to enhance the automation capabilities of BNA.   Examples could be: Whether a device should be exempted from changes What the…
Steffen Kreis
Hi,   we are trying to use VMWares built-in feature for managing templates across several VCenters. The solution is called "Content Library" (VMware vSphere 6.5 Documentation Library )   As it…
Lokanadhan Karthik
Hi,   We're trying to patch Centos 7 using VPC in BSA 8.9   Analysis found 190 packages as requiring update. But the problem is during the deployment where the job tries to install the packages… (Show more)
in Server Automation
John O'Toole
BMC Software is alerting customers who use BMC Server Automation (BSA) for Windows Patch Management that, due to an upcoming EOL of the version of the Ivanti Shavlik SDK used by BSA, action must be… (Show more)
in Server Automation
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