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Snowy Maslov
Hello everyone,    We have the situation where we need to run a job via NSH that needs to accept a parameter and then run against a specific server.   The server, job and job type and parameter… (Show more)
in Server Automation
Elizabeth T
Hi Team,   We have recently updated to BBSA 8.9 version and updating the catalog for Suse11. But getting the error for XML file:   “Error    11 Oct, 2017 11:14:50 AM    Validation Error :-… (Show more)
in Server Automation
Drew Trachy
Can anyone provide a definitive guide to offline vs. online database cleanups? I've haven't found anything in the docs that specifically spell out the differences and/or why/when you'd want to run… (Show more)
in Server Automation
Surendar Manoharan
I am trying to build a VM through Virtual Guest Package created from VM template with OS customization enabled for network configurations, and admin account rename through run once script. I can see… (Show more)
in Server Automation
Milotin Alexandru-Stelian
Hello everyone,   The situation is that I've choose to create a Patching job with only Analysis and staging phases scheduled. The Commit phase hasn't been scheduled and now I would like to know if… (Show more)
in Server Automation
Alan Weston
We recently changed our BSA database password and ran into some lockout issues trying to start the PXE server. We followed the instructions in BSA: The database password has expired. How to update… (Show more)
in Server Automation
Orhan Taskin
Hello,   Is it possible to deploy two separate BSA  environment and add the agents to both environment? can agent receive job request from both environments?   Background: We already have an… (Show more)
in Server Automation
S 73
Is there a way to migrate a servers CIS Exceptions from 8.5 to 8.9 SP1?  So far I've been able to migrate the component templates over, upgrade the RSCD agent on the target servers and then add the… (Show more)
in Server Automation
Kushagra Jain
We have an old BL 8.2 environment that is in use and a completely different BL 8.7 environment in a different data centre but it is not being used.  Is there any possibility that we can migrate BL… (Show more)
in Server Automation
Soujanya Naganuri
When trying to run: delete IdentityRequest * I get an error of null index column for collection: sailpoint.object.IdentityRequest.items Doing a select * from… (Show more)
in Server Automation
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