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Patrik Stanz
My customer has some new MS SQL database compliance standards to implement and one of the rule says, that no local SQL user account should exists in the MS SQL database and applications should log…
Manpreet Salunkhe
We have got a business case in which we would like to add more information to the rules and generate reports based on that information from BDSNA. Hence we would need to be able to propagate the…
Saurabh Pasalkar
Hello,   I want to integrate Entuity 16.5 with BMC Network Automation 8.7. However, when I am trying to import devices from Entuity to BBNA using the single-step or multi-step device import methods,… (Show more)
in Network Automation
Matt Hausmann
BNA should support some means of MFA to network devices, particularly when modification is required of the devices configuration.
Shon Otmazgin
Hello, Usually we use <assign property> tag to assign captured text to an JAVA variable example: String show_vlan = "%this.showVlan%";   this problem staring when the text is contain "\n" or…
Meeta Lalwani
Hello Network Champions,   I am new Product Manager for Bladelogic Network Automation (BNA).   I started my BMC journey with BNA seven years back and hence, this product is very close to me. After… (Show more)
in Network Automation
Matt Hausmann
Make it possible to extract the BNA Dashboard event log out of BNA via the API or some other method for archiving and audit purposes. The API EventService class does not currently support a “get”…
satweek vangala
What capabilities does BNA have with respect to managing SDN - what is the roadmap for BNA for managing SDN.
in Network Automation
Chaison Griffin
I have searched, but haven't found any answers or the capability for this. I think it would be useful to add fields to a report.   As an example, if I have a Dynamic Field or another static field…
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