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Luiz Silva
Hi All,   I have a client, with 13000 devices for the BNA project. The BNA defaults to PostgreSQL, for a number of 13000 devices, would it be better to use another database? SQL Server Oracle Or… (Show more)
in Network Automation
Scott Hinote
I have an operations group that currently uses a couple of perl and expect scripts to collect BGP sum, routes and advertised routes. I need to migrate this functionality to BNA so I can decommission… (Show more)
in Network Automation
sanchita khanvilkar
In the installation of BNA 8.1 web service didn't start.How can I resolve this issue?
in Network Automation
Sushant Gadekar
Error importing Security advisories/Bulletin obtained from Vendor (CISCO). When we are trying to import CRVF file ( Security advisory from CISCO) it failing with following error.   Import failed.…
Utkarsh Kamat Shankhwalkar
Need a feature where the user could select a list of security vulnerabilities in BNA and have a button to generate multiple compliance rules for each of the selected vulnerability and put it in a…
Chaitanya Gokhale
It is a security vulnerability to allow multiple simultaneous sessions with the same user id from different machines, with no notification/warning in each session indicating that a separate session…
David Cupitt
I find the number of mouse clicks required to navigate the UI sometimes too many. I'd like to see some improvements with the menu structure that allow faster navigation.   Some thoughts of how to…
Florian Lavoillotte
Hello,   We would like to be able to import a device adapter with web services API.   Regards   Florian
Paul Karetnikov
The ability to easily join BNA to a domain and map AD groups to roles would reduce the amount of administrative overhead in dealing with user/role mappings. The current method of reliance on manual…
Sushant Gadekar
Can we add this feature in BNA to export Device Configuration by hiding Sensitive data like password. Currently we can export device configuration but it includes the password.   There is a…
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