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Florian Lavoillotte
Hello,   In the Global Substitution Parameters tab, some parameters are {Hidden} due to the "Hide Value" option. But the value is still visible for any user by displaying the parameter. Can it be…
Syazana Nordin
I have a question on BNA rule syntax for device configuration. When BNA runs snapshot for the following device configuration line:   banner motd ^C   The '^C' character is converted to small 'L'… (Show more)
in Network Automation
Paul Karetnikov
The ability to easily join BNA to a domain and map AD groups to roles would reduce the amount of administrative overhead in dealing with user/role mappings. The current method of reliance on manual…
Paul Ryan
We require a "One Access" device adapter file, for simple connectivity and config backup purposes. ONEOS10-ADVIP_11N-V5.2R1C13   more and more customers are using one access as a cheaper… (Show more)
in Network Automation
Florian Lavoillotte
Some devices can manage the SCP to snapshot and restore configuration but it needs to be sent from a remote server. We would like a way to allow SCP commands to be sent from the remote agent and the…
Florian Lavoillotte
Hello,   Do you plan to create a read-only role that will allow to view everything in BNA UI without running any action? As a support team, I need to investigate on jobs and actions when errors…
Bob Bailey
I need for someone to point to the documentation that deals with users in Active Directory being able to be exported to BNA...or not.   Thanks, Bob
in Network Automation
Ishant Walia
Hi Experts, I have added some devices manually in NA. But as i try snapshot/trace-route on those devices it shows failed.   also i tried to initiate a remote telnet/ssh session but nothing… (Show more)
in Network Automation
Scott Hinote
Currently you can select multiple devices for a realm by clicking the check box beside the device but it would be easier for the operations team to import a device list by IP address or name. This is…
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