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Recent Activity

Erik Johnson
Currently BDA does not have the ability to automatically or manually restart a build job when a failure occurs.   During database provisioning, the Provisioning Progress is displayed both under the…
Suma Bhat
Customer has a lot of automation around the BDA tool and would like a programatic way to retrieve log files through actions via a REST API call(s).
Suma Bhat
Need REST API to get job info including job status. Customer is particularly interested in compliance reporting and export job.
Matthew Solomon
Add a setting that will allow Bda administrators to limit the number of candidates a user/group can run a patching job or action job on. The idea is to prevent a user  from being able to affect an…
Packy Anderson
BDA currently has the ability to reboot a Windows node as part of a job, but this functionality is not used in any of the places it would be really useful. Provide a new checkbox in the job options…
Steffen Nowka
Eg during provisoining activities BDA should be able to automatially sync to Atrium CMDB to create new CI/Assets in the CMDB for the DB instances etc.