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Matthew Solomon
Currently Bda's vcs cluster discovery process gets the hostname value and then looks for the exact same value in the /etc/llthosts file. We have found that on some vcs clusters the hostname is the…
Erik Johnson
Currently in BMC BDA the "Patch Level" field populates and is supported for MS-SQL, DB2, and SYBASE servers. However, the "Patch Level" field does not populate for Oracle database servers. Having…
Meeta Lalwani
The European Union is set to implement General Data Protection Regulation (or GDPR) on May 25, 2018. The official EU site defines GDPR as follows: The EU General Data Protection Regulation replaces…
in Database Automation
Sajal Kumar
Approving a node should approve all underlying objects automatically. The objects for SQL Server would be Instance, cluster, database, applications.
rene van der veen
Currently we can only initate a patch action from the "patch reposity" in the GUI. It would be conventient if we could also initiate a patch action from the GUI by selecting the node/OH/database we…
Oliver Deter
Currently it is possible to assign the sysadmin role to a new user with the create user priveledge even if the user creating the new user does not have sysadmin. We woud like to restrict that.
Sayan Roy
Hi,   I am trying to publish a database template for MS SQL database creation to CLM from BDA 8.9, the "catalog options" from the drop down menu is missing. But I saw it available for Oracle… (Show more)
in Database Automation
Abhishek Rai
We are excited to introduce you to our new YouTube channel “BladeLogic Automation” for "How-to" videos, intended to help with a specific task or feature of products in the BladeLogic Automation suite… (Show more)
in Database Automation
Slawomir Kulikowski
Currently (observed in BDA 8.5.01SP3) there is no possibility to approve another DB if BD Name already exist (i.e. has been approved from different host). Workaround for that is to add pre or postfix…