• Creating searchable tags on Service Requests

    Not Planned
    5 votes
    It would be great if tags could be added to service requests so that way when users search for requests, they can search on a wide variety of pre defined key words in order find requests easily.
    Nicole Curcio
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  • Populate the name of the Actual Approver

    Hello, Is it possible to show the name of the actual approver? Only I can add the approved check box       Regards,
    created by LESLIE MILLAN
  • See all the notes of one incidence at once

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    0 votes
    Hello   When i want to see all the notes of one incidence i have to click them one by one.   My idea is with only one click see all the notes of that incidence.
    Miguel Acu?a Gutierrez
    last modified by Miguel Acu?a Gutierrez
  • Resize Screen with Activity Feed

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    2 votes
    Can the primary display be auto resized if using Activity Feed?  Would be nice to have Activity Feed open all the time but it hides part of the other screen with details.
    Linda Holtorf
    last modified by Linda Holtorf
  • Idea to Fix "Condition to Invoke" Screen

    Not Planned
    4 votes
    Recently discovered an issue with the Condition to Invoke screen when building a service request. Already worked with support and they suggested creating an Idea.   We have a Input field for Base Element, which ...
    Joshua Lenning
    last modified by Joshua Lenning
  • Approval Step on Manage Approvals screen

    Not Planned
    4 votes
    On the Self Service Manage Approvals or Home pages, it would be helpful to list the approval step name.  My end-users receive several approval requests, some that are time sensitive and need to take priority over...
    Andrew Dorsey
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  • Look-up to Salesforce Queue Object in CMDB

    Not Planned
    4 votes
    In the CMDB, BASE ELEMENTS, we would like to insert a field (support team) with a lookup to the Salesforce Queue object. Today, Queues are protected objects and are not exposed to Remedyforce. As an alternative, we ...
    Erwin De Smedt
    last modified by Erwin De Smedt
  • Following a Ticket and receive Email Notifications on Events in Remedyforce

    Not Planned
    4 votes
    I think it will be really useful in Remedyforce to have the possibility to "subscribe" or "follow" a ticket so that the system may send a warning to a list of predefined "stakeholders", whenever there is a change in t...
    Francisco Moya Vilar
    last modified by Francisco Moya Vilar
  • Home Page Section for Links (Instead of unbranded Self-Service Tabs)

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    7 votes
    Would like to see something like this on the home page, this would bring the self-service portal closer to being a one stop shop for user's when they need company self-service resources.    
    Noah Genin
    last modified by Noah Genin
  • SRDs for incidents

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    9 votes
    Service request questionnaires/forms are helpful as they ensure clients provide the necessary information required for fulfillment while submitting the request. Without detailed responses, agents almost always would h...
    Adi Leibowitz
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  • Need Ability to remove Delete button from Remedyforce console

    Product Team Review
    34 votes
    Need ability to Remove Delete button from Remedyforce console. Customer has removed permission profile level and it make delete button grayed out. Customer wants to remove it from the page.
    Anchal Bisen
    last modified by Anchal Bisen
  • Winter 19-No longer able to upload blank attachments?

    When testing adding attachments, I found I was getting "Bad Request". I determined a real file works, but a blank txt or csv file will not work. I get "Bad Request". This is a new behavior in Winter 19. Further, i...
    Joshua Lenning
    last modified by Joshua Lenning
  • Better Business Holiday for Day AFTER Thanksgiving

    We have configured Remedyforce so that the 4th Thursday of every November is a holiday (Thanksgiving); and the 4th FRIDAY of November is as well, but a separate rule.  This latter rule breaks in 2019 as 1 Novembe...
    Sam M Cohen
    last modified by Sam M Cohen
  • Add an admin option to expand service request instructions by default

    10 votes
    We have numerous use cases where a service owner would like specific instructions on each service request, but they need all the instructions to be visible to make sure the user sees them.  Typical user behavior ...
    Dan Bontrager
    last modified by Dan Bontrager
  • Approval processes for offline approver

    Hi,   I like to seek advise if there is any tips or trick to help me with this issue that I have.   Understand that the approval processes will not trigger when appointed approver is offline.   To sh...
    Angeline Law
    last modified by Angeline Law
  • Order Statuses based on requirements

    Hello All, We have recently implemented BMC Helix Remedyforce and we are trying to sort the Statuses I see that the Statuses can be grouped but I am trying to sort them based on our Ticket Life cycle. If anyone i...
    Michael Hedrick
    last modified by Michael Hedrick
  • Attachments on Remedyforce Mobile

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    29 votes
    We would like the ability for staff to add attachments via mobile devices.  Either with the Salesforce1 App and/or via the browser. One use case would be if a staff member needs to take a photo of something when ...
    Anthony Flint
    last modified by Anthony Flint
  • How do I Change a Remedyforce User's Profile?

    This document contains official content from the BMC Software Knowledge Base. It is automatically updated when the knowledge article is modified. PRODUCT: BMC Helix Remedyforce Service Desk QUESTION: How do I ...
    Knowledge Admin
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  • Add a current field in the user record to the list of related approvers for an approval process.

    all of our users have a field in their user record where we enter the unique RemedyForce ID for their VP's user record. we want to make an approval process that will pull this user from the submiters record and set th...
    Derrick Crew
    last modified by Derrick Crew
  • auto assignment shift change reasignment question

    Currently we have the following shifts:   Country 1: Early Shift Middle Shift Late Shift   Country 2: Early Shift Late Shift   Country 3: 1 Shift   I've created all the different business...
    Emile Steenkamp
    last modified by Emile Steenkamp