• Open Incidents from SRD

    Hi all,   I have a very simple question on RemedyForce. I created an SRD, related templates(incident and sr), categories, etc. However, I need that depending on the user's response the open ticket is an inciden...
    rodrigo barcat
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  • Self Service Console common request display categories

    Can we display a popup list of options when a common request is clicked? Something like:   Thanks
    Vandana Rattan
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  • Adding letters in incident number

    Hi All,   Is it possible to edit letters in incident number or service request number? (example: INC000000000001 to IR000000000001)?   Regards, Lloyd
    Lloyd Alvin Santiago
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  • BMC Remedyforce agentless discovery, what credentials should be used to access the scanner

    When configuring BMC Remedyforce agentless discovery, what credentials should you use to access the scanner. The username and the password I set is not working. Also for the communications ports assigned are we suppos...
    Jackline M
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  • Category Field Behavior

    Has anyone else noticed the following:   The Category field on the objects in the Remedyforce Console do not find categories based on characters entered unless those characters are at the beginning of a word. Th...
    John Wisdom
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  • Checking out knowledge articles - Lightning

    Per this page - Enabling users to check out published knowledge articles for editing - Documentation for BMC Helix Remedyforce 20.19.02 …   I added the km_actiontoolbar visualforce page to both my classi...
    Anne Brock
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  • Reopen or Close an INC based on a key word in the body of an email?

    I would like to create a workflow that would either "Close" an incident or "Reopen" an incident based on the first line in the body of an email. Has anyone built this workflow, and if so, how did you evaluate the emai...
    Paula Drew
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  • Unable to save Lookup Filter

    Hey guys,   I'm a new RemedyForce admin and I'm having some issues creating a new Lookup filter for a Service Request I'm putting together. The save button is greyed out and it also appears that I am unable to c...
    Jayce Canale
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  • Some itens to translate in BMC RemedyForce

    Hi team!   I am trying to translate and update some texts in RemedyForce and have some doubts.   1- Customer ask to update the Welcome info and Alighnability Process Model   2 - Then I export all w...
    rodrigo barcat
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  • Hiding parent categories to drive use of child categories

    Greetings Remedyforce disciples,   Our organization is new to Remedyforce and we are adjusting to its categorization format. We came from a three-tier structure of Service > Category > Subcategory and are u...
    Chris Troyer
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  • Remedyforce Change Requests with Change Assessments Report

    Out -of-the-Box, Remedyforce provides a report called "Change Requests with Change Assessments". We need a report that shows "Change Requests without Change Assessments". Again, any help would be appreciated. Thank y...
    Craig Hurst
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  • [Helix Remedyforce] Multiple Category Level

    Hi All,   I'm trying to create multiple category level but I can't find documentations on how to do it. is it possible in Remedyforce? please check my diagram below.     I want to Create an Official...
    Lloyd Alvin Santiago
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  • [Remedyforce] Pentaho Data Integration Error

    Hi All,   I'm studying Pentaho Integration and I'm having an error. I followed this link How to Configure the Remedyforce LDAP Pentaho Integration Package - YouTube and I'm sure I got everything correct. please ...
    Lloyd Alvin Santiago
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  • Validate Date field to be current or future

    Hi friends,    I am trying to add a validation to the date field on the custom form of a Service Request in RemedyForce. I see that when we select validate, only options are "Specific Date",   > or...
    Surendar Cholkar
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  • Calculate Time in Current Queue

    First, I am familiar with Incident Time Tracking in RF Admin tab and it does not serve our needs.   Is there an existing field or formula field that can be created that will either give the date of last ownershi...
    Joshua Lenning
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  • Is it possible to use different set of SLA under same module (e.g. Incident)?

    I would like to use different set of SLA in the same module, which is Incident.   For example, For request form A, it will use SLA set A. For request form B, it will use SLA set B.   May I know is it pos...
    Wai Man TANG
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  • Problem Performing Ticket Query and Validation with RemedyForce Ticketing system using SOAP API

    Hi again,   A bit of background; We have a client following an ITSM implementation in which they are trying to use RemedyForce ticketing system to perform a tickets validation   After successfully perform...
    Urooj Hussain
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  • Is it possible to default the CMDB Console to the Specifications tab?

    In the Remedyforce CMDB Console, there are two tabs. The General tab which is shared by all Classes and the specifications tab which has a specific field set for that class.   It would be more useful to users to...
    Gabriel McGinn
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  • Users can't edit profile in SelfService

    When users login, they don't have access to view their own profile under the hamburger. (triple bars)   Any ideas?
    Brian Leedy
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  • How to fix Heap Size too Large on base element lookup while creating new template

    Hi everyone, I'm getting an "Apex heap size too large" when trying to pick a base element record for a lookup field in a template I'm trying to create for change request. Do you know how to solve this issue?  ...
    Lior Lavi
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