• Remedyforce and Azure AD and Jitterbit

    Hi guys.   Before starting to use RemedyForce, the customer was already using Salesforce CRM. Remedyforce was deployed on the same id as the organization.   So, some stages of the project I believe can be ...
    rodrigo barcat
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  • How do I edit the lookup pop up from the CMDB/Base element

    I want to be able to edit this pop up but I am not sure where to do this in RF.  Help?  
    Cristy Castano
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  • Asset Management Blanket Permission

    All,   We recently enabled Asset Management in the CMDB, we were already using the CMDB for CI tracking.  How can we enable Asset Management for all existing staff members?  Do we have to manually upda...
    Justin May
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  • Remedyforce Self Service - Change Broadcast Message

    How can I add, edit, and delete broadcast messages in the Remedyforce self service portal?     Thank you.
    John Booze
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  • Service Outage

    Hi   i normally work with incidents and service requests so i need a little help outside of this.   we have planned maintenance and down time on are head office network connection meaning it will be down ...
    Gary Jackson
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  • Hiding options on Self Service

    Good afternoon community,   I am looking to see if there is a way to hide some of these options from all users. Basically we are releasing this system in phases, the first phase is the break/fix system, which I ...
    Andrew Rezac
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  • Incident Console Category and Sub Category

    Hi All (again)   i have had a look around the forum and online but have not found to much around this.   has anyone introduced Primary and secondary category fields in the incident console? basically we a...
    Gary Jackson
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  • Remedyforce quick templates

    We want to create sort of quick templates for IT helpdesk team so that they can click on custom buttons on Remedyforce Console , enter a few fields and when they save, it generates tickets which are automatically clos...
    Vandana Rattan
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  • Staff not showing

    Good morning,   I am in the process of creating BMC RemedyForce in an already existing environment of SalesForce so many of my techs have SF licences already. I have added them to be members of the queues that ...
    Andrew Rezac
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  • Remedyforce - Update Incident status after client push a Client Note action

    Hi team,   I am building my first process through "Process Builder" and I am having a hard time understanding how I relate the Incident History record to the incident record I want to update the status.   ...
    rodrigo barcat
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  • Approval Reminders

    Several of our Service Requests require approvals.  When approval is requested, the approver gets an e-mail.  But, they don't get any reminders.   I would like recommendations on how to set up reminder...
    Sean Connolly
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  • Service Request not Editable

    We have a service request that is for requesting a new server. We have the SR going through approval, then generating a Change Request. We are leaving the SR open but the Input fields are read-only.  Our goal is ...
    Joshua Lenning
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  • Is remedyforce available on Mobile?

    I would like to have remedyforce on my android.
    Mahesh Shinde
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  • How to extract report of CMDB with it's relationship CI's.

    Hi,     I am looking out for an option to extract the report from CMDB where i will get      a) CI's in one column (e.g. CI's in Computer System Class)      b) CI'...
    Charudatta Thorat
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  • how to add a Help Text in SRD while defining questions in Question and mapping.

    Hello,   Can any body tell me how to add a Help Text in SRD while defining questions in Question and mapping.   I want a help text against a drop down box.   Thanks, Dev
    Debabrat Senapati
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  • New to RemedyForce, Where do I start?

    First off, hello everyone!  I am new to RemedyForce and need to get up to speed very quickly.  I have tried the dedicated trials both with and without prepopulated data.    My questions pertain t...
    Robert Strunk
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  • "Reply to All" from an Incident?

    In our environment there are many times a user will send e-mail to Remedyforce to open an incident and 'cc' others they know to be facing the same issue. When a ServiceDesk Staff member requests additional information...
    Maurice Hicks
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  • How to integrate sms in Bmc remedy force

    @ How to integrate sms in Bmc remedy force
    Aniket shirke
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  • Disable Quick close button in Remedyforce Incident console

    Hi all, is there a way to disable the Quick close button on Incident console? With the Close functionality, we have automatisms and validation, so we'd like to use this one. But, since the buttons are close, we'd ...
    Giusy Barrile
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  • Multiple approver sequence in Remedyforce?

    I have an Incident that has a specific approval sequence, it needs to first be approved by approver A, then go to approver B if approved by approver A, if approver A rejects the ticket, the entire ticket is rejected. ...
    Paula Drew
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