• Remedyforce - Modify assignment button script

    Hi guys,   Is it possible to modify the rule that is fired when I click on Assignment button? Customer whishes is: When support staff click at this button, the status changes to IN PROGRESS and the field Staff w...
    rodrigo barcat
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  • Remedyforce supporting Multiple SAP systems

    Has anyone any experience or advice on how to use Remedyforce to support multiple SAP systems in many different global location?   I need to take the existing build of Remedyforce supporting one SAP system and e...
    Ingrid Stone
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  • Project and Protfolio Management. Is there a roadmap for RemedyForce?

    Hi guys;   I wonder if RemedyForce have plans to include PPM inside the platform. The fact is that we have the option of CloudCloach, But the costs have a huge impact...
    Carlos Valle
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  • How should a Self Service service request lookup field to a CMDB item work?

    We are trying to setup a Lookup field on a service request to lookup CMDB items.  I have created fields for Base Element and Computer System lookups with no filters (see attachment).   When I search those f...
    Dan Bontrager
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  • Remedyforce - How can I change notes and duration field to be mandatory.

    Hi all,   I am trying to create a rule where: when a staff will save an incident notes and duration fields need to fire an error message If any of the these fields are blank..   Is it possible to achieve t...
    rodrigo barcat
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  • Remedyforce - Process Builder - Change Task Status after ticket conclusion

    Hi all,   It it possíble to update the task status when the incident is completed?   I design a flow as described below:   1 - Create an incident w/ inc template. In this template I have an open...
    rodrigo barcat
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  • Email reminder for Incidents after 10 days with no updates

    Hello all,   I am looking to set up an email reminder which will go to an Incident owner if a record goes 10 days without an update. Ideally I would like that to be business days specifically. When a record is u...
    Chris Troyer
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  • Workflow related to the Notes & Attachments entries?

    I am looking for any help in creating workflow based on entries added to the Notes & Attachments section in an Incident - basically just sending a notification that a note has been added, including the text of the...
    Paula Drew
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  • Remedyforce Chat with Chatbot

    Looking to strike up a conversation with any Remedyforce shops who have integrated Remedyforce Chat with the BMC Helix Chatbot.   Thanks
    John Wisdom
    created by John Wisdom
  • TransientConnectionError: CMDBSyncCORBA.TransientConnectionError(reason='HTTP Error Forbidden (403): You do not have access to the Apex class named: CustomSettingAPI (FORBIDDEN)', code=0)

    Why would Discovery require access to CustomSettingAPI Apex class while below are the only requirements to sync data into Remedyforce CMDB?   Access to the BMCServiceDesk.CMDBAPI Apex class. Access to the Conne...
    Deepika Gautam
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  • Event Log File API Enabled?

    I have a consultant working on integrating my Remedyforce implementation with Splunk.  We have successfully connected Splunk to a Sandbox.  But, he asked the following question:   "As we discussed on ou...
    Sean Connolly
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  • Cannot activate "Display Multiple Views" slider in Console

    This used to work but it no longer is.   In Console, I click on View and click the slider to activate "Display Multiple Views."  Rather than working, I am provided the following error:  "You do not hav...
    Heather Drews
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  • How to upload attachment to service request with Remedyforce REST API?

    Hi everyone, I'm trying to use the Remedyforce REST API to upload an attachment to service request but the attachment body is empty upon arrival to Salesforce. I know I'm using the right endpoint for the process as ...
    Lior Lavi
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  • Direct Link to Service Request Category in Self Service

    I have been asked if we can provide a direct link to a category, so all related service requests are displayed in Self Service, similar to the page in the screen shot below.  When I go to this page, the URL is /a...
    Erica Dean
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  • Is it possible to monitor the tickets where approval process has failed?

    Anyone knows a way to "monitor"/report the tickets where an approval process has failed for some reason or another? When the approval process fails, there is an process execution error in the Action History. I tried c...
    Sonja Repo
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  • Azure Logic Apps and BMC RemedyForce (Salesforce)

    Hello.   How can I integrate my Workflow in Azure Logic Apps with BMC RemedyForce (Salesforce)? Can I use the Salesforce connect (Connect to Salesforce from Azure Logic Apps - Azure Logic Apps | Microsoft Docs)...
  • BMC Helix Remedyforce Discovery - Which ports DC needs to open

    Hi experts,   How BMC Helix Remedyforce Discovery works when it runs the scanner?   Which ports are scanned by the solution?   I have not found any option to configure which ports will be scanned. So...
    rodrigo barcat
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  • Do you have the Knowledge Management Proficient badge?

    We have unlocked the Knowledge Management badge – Proficient level! You too can unlock badges by leveraging more capabilities of BMC Helix Remedyforce. Join this challenge by leveraging the Value Adoption Dashbo...
    rodrigo barcat
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  • Protected Emails not displayed

    This is more of a Salesforce question but hoping this community can help. When a user sends a message with encryption/protection from Outlook, the email is displayed properly in Outlook web portal. But the email is no...
    Joshua Lenning
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  • BMC Helix Remedyforce and Client Management Integration

    Hi All,   I'm having a hard time integrating Remedyforce and Client Management.   I dont know what to put in Remote Site URL in here     so I can configure here   Please help. thank y...
    Lloyd Alvin Santiago
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