• Service Request Attachment

    We have a Service Request that opens Change Request right after creation and goes to Change Approval. We have enabled the addition of an attachment on the Self Service Request, but that attachment remains only in the...
    Davorka Tojcic
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  • Post Summer 20 upgrade does anybody else have an issue with the console refresh not working with My Work Day enabled?

    Since we were auto upgraded to Remedy Summer 20 last Friday and we enabled My Work Day on the console we noticed that the console auto refresh stopped working. I tried setting a manual console refresh rate in custom s...
    Richard Murray
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  • Self Service 3.0 does not show for client users but shows for Staff and Administrative Users

    I am preparing our Sandbox for a 3.0 deployment from 2.0.  In my Sandbox, SS 3.0 looks great and works just as desired when logged in as myself.  But when I log in as a standard user, I still see 2.0.  ...
    Heather Drews
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  • knowledge article visibility by account

    I want to make knowledge articles visible to specific accounts, I've already added the VF page for selecting the accounts on knowledge articles, the problem I have is that we need to make articles visible to over 3000...
    Emile Steenkamp
    created by Emile Steenkamp
  • Doubt about correct logics in Service Request - Fulfillment - Approval - Tasks

    Hello Guys;   I would appreciate some help in this service request logic :   - Three people envolved - A (who initiates the service request,  B (second person who must complete information in service ...
    Carlos Valle
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  • Doubt about correct logics in Service Request - Fulfillment - Approval - Tasks

    Hello Guys;   I would appreciate some help in this service request logic :   - Three people envolved - A (who initiates the service request,  B (second person who must complete information in service ...
    Carlos Valle
    created by Carlos Valle
  • How to rename General Service Request Information

    How can we rename General Service Request Information header on the Remedyforce Console?   TIA
    Vandana Rattan
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  • Received summer update overnight and saw this message this morning...

    Our environment was upgraded overnight to the Summer '20 patch.  When I viewed the Administration page for the first time, I saw this message:    BMC Helix Remedyforce has been upgraded. To enhance the...
    Heather Drews
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  • Not able to open Change Request console

    I am not able to open Change Request console , Getting "Unexpected token Where" error. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
    Abhishek Singh
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  • Searching SR# in Incident Console View returns nothing

    After creating SR, I tried to search with SR# in "Incident" tab in console. But it didn't returned anything. Service Request is showing as separate tab while enabling "Seggregate Incident and Service Requests". But ...
    Satheesh G
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  • Depreciating Record Update Count

    Does anyone know why a Record Update Count would decrease on an update? I *think* it's because it (WFC Notification Date) is going from a Null value (blank) to a new value. Workflow rule setting field update: If stat...
    Jessica Hinkal
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  • Pentaho: Unable to access jarfile launcher\launcher.jar

    Hi All,   We are trying to integrate Remedyforce with ADDM using Pentaho.   While importing the data we are getting below error:     Running the IP End information, have followed the steps i...
    Gaurav Sharma
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  • ADDM > Remedyforce Integration

    Hi,   When configurating ADDM integration with Remedyforce using Pentaho, do the predefined jobs out of the box also include Service Models from ADDM and also relationships so you can visualise impact simulator?...
    Nick Rawlins
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  • Text Alignment when mixed left and right aligned languages

    We have an issue when we mix a left aligned language with some right aligned words that caused the sentance to be incorrectly structured.   This is a failry unique issue to languages that are right algned then m...
    Ingrid Stone
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  • Configure MyIT URL in installer

    Hi All.   We will shortly be deploying MyIT iPhone app to end users and would like to hard code the URL for MyIT within the installer (so that the end user doesn't have to configure it upon first load).  I'...
    Rob Berry
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  • MyIT do not present questions with more than 1 condition

    Hi,   ."I created service request in Remedyforce and added to one question 2 conditions (chosen from picklist) of "Display if In Remedyforce I can see the Service request correct with all the conditions but in M...
    Aevi Levi
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  • Integration of BMC Remedyforce with BMC Myit

    Hello, regarding the integration of BMC Remedyforce with BMC Myit, Myit must be installed on the customer server or you can use it on the cloud? Do you have documents that explain it? Thanks in advance Ale...
    Alessia Lombardo
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  • Entitlement for SRD in MyIT.

    Hi All,   Does entitlement of SRD work in MyIT as well? I have created a SRD say 'New Hire' which should be visible to only the customers of an Account say  'BMC'. This works perfectly in Self Service, how...
    Sneha Wakale
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  • MyIT and Remedyforce

    I have been working with MyIT and Remedyforce. Here is some helpful information and links. The Winter 15 installation and configuration guide provides some good information (BMCRemedyforce201501) as well as the help l...
    Mark Hodge
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  • Remedyforce-MyIT integration

    Hi All,   I have integrated MyIT with Remedyforce, however when I log in to MyIT I as unable to create incidents. Is this the case, through MyIT end users can only create Service Request or do we have an option ...
    Vijosh P
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