• WorkFlow rule question - Create email alert for creation of Problem record

    What work flow rule could I create that would send out email alert after the creation of new problem record, the one we have for incidents is   Evaluation Criteria - Evaluate the rule when a record is created &#...
    Kelvin Santana
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  • Request Definition Custom Field

    I want to add a custom field called, "Owner" to the Request Definition > General tab for reporting purposes. I have created the custom field on the Request Definition object but do not see where I add it so it is a...
    John Wisdom
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  • Is it possible to change KBA record type Descriptions?

    How to change out-of-box descriptions for different record types in KBAs?   Thanks
    Petra Peura
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  • standard changes

    I’m looking for some ideas here…   Per ITIL - A standard change is a change to a service or infrastructure for which the approach is pre-authorized by Change Management that has an accepted and est...
    Scott Nyce
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  • Update user records - Google accounts

    Hello,   I see there is a way to sync user data from AD using Pentaho, is there a similar process for syncing users from Google G-suite? I have SSO and just in time provisioning setup and working with our Google...
    Seth Malwitz
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  • Has anyone else had an issue with Record Assignment after a shift change?

    Two of my agents changed their business hours, but the new hours are not reflected in Record Assignment - Staff Auto Assignment.   Jake moved from "MidShift" to "Exclude Fridays," while Art moved from "Mondays ...
    Lorraine Sanner
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  • How to grant access to delete Knowledge Articles with granting 'Remedyforce Administrator' right?

    Hi Is there a way of granted a supporter (our knowledge manager) access to Delete any knowledge article without ticking the Remedyforce Administrator checkbox on his user profile? /Susanne
    susanne riis
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  • Remedyforce console delete action disabled

    In remedyforce console when I as a admin create an action by clicking on Actions > New Action > Update from ICT I can see the Delete (X) button enabled   But when service agents try the same this button ...
    Vandana Rattan
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  • Survey - Adoption of Views and Quickviews

    We are considering an enhancement within the console which may include leveraging views and/or quickviews.  This survey is to find out which of these two methods are used today.  Please take a few minutes to...
    John Fulton
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  • When new action history entry is created it triggers parent table triggers. What fields are changed?

    Hi,   I need to be able to find out if the parent (let's say Incident) triggers have been triggered by user action or by new entry in the action history. Is there a field that is changed that I could check to se...
    Lars Laurent
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  • Removing Edit and Del Action from the action history.

    Hi All,   Can we Remove Edit / Del from the Action history layout? I want to remove these button for Email Sent and Email received. Though i unchecked the Enable Edit checkbox from the Actions but didn't got tha...
    shardul singh
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  • To remove Status field from Update Button

    Hi   Could someone please let me know where I can get access to the Update Button?  I would like to totally remove "Status" field from the drop down list in Task.     Appreciate your help.   ...
    Nur Ilhani Ab Halil
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  • Designating Task Template in a flow doesn't quite work

    I'm building a screen flow intended to be launched from a service request that collects some info then creates a series of tasks to be linked to the SR. For the tasks while some items are set at run time there are a f...
    Matt Kaminsky
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  • SelfService - Task - Remedyforce

    Hello Do you know wich step i'm missing? I need to view the task linked, but we can't see   I selected the check "show linked task with submitted records"     Regards,
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  • Remedyforce console - custom view for tasks - not listing 'My Tasks'

    Hi Everyone - I hope someone can help. I am creating a view in the remedy force console which does not work as expected [ It does not work at all :-)] The standard task view is this - I have looked at Filtering recor...
    Matthew Coffin
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  • Remedyforce - call web service from INC form

    We need to call web service from Incident form from remedyforce. So the scenario is this: Operator opens the form for creating new INC Operator select the Client, which automatically populates Last name In the ba...
    Robert Karin
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  • SLA clock not pausing

    We have tickets that when put on are automatically sent out for approval and are "Pending Approval". In our SLA's we have "Pending Approval" as a cause to stop the clock. The clock is not being paused when the ticket ...
    Joshua Epler
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  • Is it possible to link Change Requests to other Change Requests?

    Is it possible to link Change Requests to other Change Requests?
    Michael Fabricius
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  • Mapping 3rd Party servicedesk tickets into object field

    Hi   i am fairly new to Remedyforce and have manged the basics of flows and filed sets etc. but i am having a problem with the below scenario.   our organisation creates incidents from our clients emails...
    Gary Jackson
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  • Sandbox not sending email alerts

    I am having a business unit perform some new integration testing.  The test requires that they receive an email alert for actions taken on incidents.   In the sandbox, I have not been able to get the email ...
    Randy Powell
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