• Way to bulk download incident attachments ?

    I have an incident where the client has attached 25 or so files.  As I have been grabbing them one at a time, I thought I'd ask if there is an easy way to bulk download the files that is escaping me at the moment ?
    Chris Shields
    created by Chris Shields
  • How to modify the Incident print report?

    This is the report that pulls when you have an incident opened an you want to print it. You go to Actions and select Print or Print to PDF. Any help would be appreciated.
    Vicki Poe
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  • Remedyforce/Salesforce Training

    Has BMC developed a Remedyforce/Salesforce administration formal training course? Everything I've learned has been through digging in and talking to the help desk (they've been great) but there is so much more I could...
    Matthew Hobbs
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  • service portfolio

    Hi, i was wondering if Remedyforce is offering a module for a Service Portfolio Management, showing planned and retired services and furthermore allowing the user to get an overview of the current services with addit...
    Maria-Magdalena Formeier
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  • Duplicate Attachments from Email Conversations

    How can i prevent duplicate attachments from being reinserted into a ticket from an email conversation? Is this even possible from the Email Conversation Settings | Email Signature Filter Rules: Do not save attachment...
    Quang Du
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  • Dynamic mapping of Service Request form inputs into Description

    Hi All,   I have a request definition form with number of checkboxes and other fields in it. Once user submits the service request it populates all the checkboxes (we have mapped all those input fields to descri...
    Vikash Kumar
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  • How many Workflows / Processes do you have?

    Hey everybody!  Hope you're doing well.  We have a question we'd like to put in front of our customers.   How many Workflows and/or Processes do you have against the Incident object?   So, for ex...
    Virginia Leandro
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  • Searching For Incident Templates In The Console

    Hello!   What needs to be selected for a template to be available for use in the console? I cannot get one of my templates to populate in the Template lookup field on a ticket.   I also noticed that I ha...
    Sasha Gladkikh
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  • auto assignment by staff load

    Hi   I thought this would be a simple task but I cannot seem to find the answer. im looking to auto assign incidents from a queue to a staff member on a round robin but by load. I have 3 members of staff but ...
    Gary Jackson
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  • Is it possible to create a Service Request w/ pre-designated input values via Flow?

    Hi All,   I'm wondering if something like this is possible.   I'm looking to find out if there is a way within Flow to create a service request.   More specifically, is there a way to designa...
    Sam Lau
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  • Require Queue on Tasks

    Greetings fellow Remedyforcers,   I am attempting to require the Queue field to be completed on Tasks and I am encountering some challenges. I have a simple validation rule that works when an individual is creat...
    Chris Troyer
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  • How to enable Remedyforce Console for a profile without the use of permission set?

    Hi everyone, I have a profile which has very limited access to Remedyforce and now I want to enable it to see the Remedyforce Console tab. I managed to enable it from the profile edit page and in the Administration p...
    Lior Lavi
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  • Queue Member Report

    Is it still necessary to create an Access database to create the member report? And - how do we weed out queues are marked Inactive - done from Remedyforce Administrator / Manage Queue Availability ? Thanks for any as...
    Paula Drew
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  • CI's Remedyforce

    Hello, Is it possile view all the CI's that has a client on incident ticket?   Regards,
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  • Child Parent

    Hello, How is it possible view on the incident (Remedyforce Console) all Child's Incident associate to it ?   Regards
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  • Sporadic Issue: Tasks not always spawning after Service Request is Approved. Has anyone else had this issue and how did you resolve it?

    We are having a sporadic issue where task spawning workflows are not executing after the Service Request is approved.  I would like to know if anyone else has had this issue and what did you do to resolve it....
    Blake Carter
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  • Self Service Simplification

    Hi Experts,   We want to simplify Self Service portal for the end users. Currently they have options to "Raise a Ticket" and "Submit a Request". We want following:   1. Bucket both submitting a ticket and ...
    Vandana Rattan
    last modified by Vandana Rattan
  • Report for Request Definitions "Input" field.

    Hi,   I just want to ask if there is a way to use the "Input" fields that we are using from Request Definitions. For example I want to include in the report I made the "Process level" and "Job Grade"(Please see ...
    Jeffrey Dionisio
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  • BMC RemedyForce CMDB Customization - Configuration Item / Asset

    Hi All,   I'm getting difficulty to customize CMDB CI / Asset fields in Remedyforce Console. I want to edit columns in below mentioned snapshot.   In "RemedyForce Administrator Console -> Configure CM...
    S. Abu Owais Bin Nasar
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  • How can I view older tickets in "View in My Activity"?

    At the moment tickets disappear from the client's list in "View in My Activity" after a month. We would like them to be able to see tickets for at least 6 months. How can I change this?
    Charlotte Forsdick
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