• Auto-Categorization

    How many of you struggle with clients or staff selecting the correct category for a given Incident?  Are you trying to drive this classification via templates or process builder?   Virginia Leandro Remedyf...
    Virginia Leandro
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  • Print action missing in lightning?

    Is this normal? If so, what is the easiest way HR staff can print out SRs for paper record keeping purposes?
    Ryan Kreigh
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  • How do you print Dashboards?

    How do you print a dashboard without using the browser print function which gives also prints the toolbars and tabs? Do I have to snip it and paste it into a document or presentation to get a clean print of the Dashbo...
    Manus Finnerty
    created by Manus Finnerty
  • Help /w linking "Activity" objects to Change Requests

    Hello,   Is there a way to have the Activity object mapped to existing Change Requests/Incidents?   Essentially, I'm looking for;   -  An option to link to an existing Change Request from an ex...
    Richard Morin
    created by Richard Morin
  • Ticket layout in Remedyforce not available for Sys Admin.

    Recently Installed BMC Helix Remedyforce into our production org, options for Self Service Ticket Layout and Tile Visibility and order are not available. May you please provide additional resources or support in this ...
    Gisela Thirakul
    created by Gisela Thirakul
  • Add a current field in the user record to the list of related approvers for an approval process.

    all of our users have a field in their user record where we enter the unique RemedyForce ID for their VP's user record. we want to make an approval process that will pull this user from the submiters record and set th...
    Derrick Crew
    created by Derrick Crew
  • Certificate and Key Management

    Good Morning   Soon the following certificate expires SelfSignedCert_11Jun2018_074839 in Remedyforce   Could you tell me how to update this certificate or update it alone?   Could you explain to me t...
    Sonia Pintado
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  • Request Definition default values

    I have a set of checkboxes on a request definition.   How do I default some of these checkbox values to "True"?   Essentially this picklist is conditional on another radio button value. If the radio button...
    Emile Steenkamp
    created by Emile Steenkamp
  • auto assignment shift change reasignment question

    Currently we have the following shifts:   Country 1: Early Shift Middle Shift Late Shift   Country 2: Early Shift Late Shift   Country 3: 1 Shift   I've created all the different business...
    Emile Steenkamp
    created by Emile Steenkamp
  • CMDB Relationship types

    I am working on updating our CMDB, but have a questions regarding Relationship types.  Can anyone explain the differences between these in RemedyForce and how they show on the CI Explorer.  The out of the bo...
    Joanne McQueen
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  • URL that takes user directly to 'submit a ticket' form in self service

    We previously had a link on our intranet that used our 'my.salseforce.com' custom domain to automatically log the user into Remedyforce and automatically launch Self Service and the 'Submit a Ticket' form [we have rel...
    Dan Bontrager
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  • Is there an option to expand service request instructions by default?

    We have numerous use cases where a service owner would like specific instructions on each service request, but they need all the instructions to be visible to make sure the user sees them.  Typical user behavior ...
    Dan Bontrager
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  • Hide some Status  values

    Hi,   Is it possible to hide certain statuses from  Incidents/Service Requests on Remedyforce Console as they don't have to be set manually. Some automations have been set which set those statuses e.g. Appr...
    Vandana Rattan
    created by Vandana Rattan
  • Areas of Concern from [relatively new] Remedyforce Process/Practice Owners (Product "Clients")

    The following are the areas of concern that have been expressed by the owners of the processes/practices using Remedyforce (without prejudice/commentary) The self-service interface is not modern compared to some othe...
    Sam M Cohen
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  • Can we send attachment in an email notification ?

    Hi,   I have a requirement where I have to send an attachment in an email notification. The scenario is as follows:- 1] Create a service request. 2] Attach any document to that service request and save. 3...
    Sayali Wasule
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  • RMA Process

    Hi All   Currently working on a RMA process and keen to pick up other user ideas on how they are implementing RMA within Remedyforce
    Lora Barclay
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  • Workspaces page layout

    How do I add a field on the account object to this page layout?
    Emile Steenkamp
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  • Sync Property object with CMDB Physical Location

    We have a large list of building information in a Salesforce object.  This is being used throughout the business, but now we are looking to tag assets against locations has anyone tried to sync this data into Phy...
    Graham Webster-Newman
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  • CI creating in CMDB question - Service Health

    Hi team, I'd like to find out how one would setup a CI in the CMDB so that a module is not a sub service (and product module) or a specific Product. How would the relationship be configured?   I added an image f...
    Emile Steenkamp
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  • Template updates not triggering workflows

    I have a process builder that updates an SR linked to a CR based on changes to the CR.   Example, when a CR is closed, the SR is closed.   ISSUE: I am building an approval process for CR.  In the fin...
    Randy Powell
    created by Randy Powell