• Approval process NO_APPLICABLE_PROCESS error

    We had set an approval process for Hardware service requests which was working perfectly fine. Now I have to make amendments to the Entry Criteria to submit only particular hardware requests (criteria based on a text ...
    Vandana Rattan
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  • Service outage action history

    Our internal teams working on Incidents, problems are constantly changing between teams so it is not viable for them to use the Service Outage in Workspaces.   For them to use this it will need to be similar in ...
    Emile Steenkamp
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  • Creating a Tab to Display User Information

    Hi, what is the best way to go forward in allowing my service desk team to have a tab that would display all user information (as read only). I want this to be a tool for them to validate complaints or issues raised b...
  • Global Search Data Source Restrictions?

    Is the RF Global Search Data Source list restricted to Remedyforce or Salesforce Objects?  We have a Custom Object named "ID Requests" but it is not available to add into Search results.  We have a another o...
    Joshua Lenning
    created by Joshua Lenning
  • Using Chrome with Remedyforce

    We are switching over to Chrome when using Remedyforce we noticed when opening an attached file the system wants us to download/save the file.  How can we just get the file to open like it does in IE?
    Tammy Kohler
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  • Where are post upgrade action list for winter 19?

    Is there any changes to permissions etc?
    Petra Peura
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  • Winter 19 - Flash Still in Use?

    What components of Remedyforce are still using Flash? I thought we might see the Flash warning in chrome go away with the introduction of High Charts. I just reloaded RF console tab and didn't get this pop-up until I...
    Joshua Lenning
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  • Winter 19-No longer able to upload blank attachments?

    When testing adding attachments, I found I was getting "Bad Request". I determined a real file works, but a blank txt or csv file will not work. I get "Bad Request". This is a new behavior in Winter 19. Further, i...
    Joshua Lenning
    created by Joshua Lenning
  • Self Service UI (Winter 19)

    Was the "Looking for" text intentionally set to light grey on white? It's difficult to read. It's nice that it's no longer orange, but now we have the big orange Drafts counter icon so we still get stuck having orange...
    Joshua Lenning
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  • When new action history entry is created it triggers parent table triggers. What fields are changed?

    Hi,   I need to be able to find out if the parent (let's say Incident) triggers have been triggered by user action or by new entry in the action history. Is there a field that is changed that I could check to se...
    Lars Laurent
    created by Lars Laurent
  • Regarding DRSKW-92289

    Hi there,   I am bit confused Regarding DRSKW-92289 (by English problem..)   By default, It should display Plain text ?    Kind Regards, Mina
    Mina Horiuchi
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  • Reports shortening description fields to only one line

    Has anyone else seen where the description field isn't expanding to show the full description in the report anymore. Does anyone know how to fix this. You can see in the picture below there is a full line of text belo...
    Derrick Crew
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  • Custom change request dashboard?

    (Please note that we are using Salesforce Classic).   Hello all,   I'm looking to make a custom dashboard where specific change requests are listed via a report I have created.  I would like to have i...
    Richard Morin
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  • JavaScript button clarification (Winter 19)

    I thought I understood the JavaScript changes and that the buttons would behave differently but still work. But on the page linked below  there is a line that has me concerned. Can someone clarify exactly what is...
    Joshua Lenning
    last modified by Joshua Lenning
  • Workflow Rule - Criteria Change in Assigned To

    I am hoping someone might be able to assist me with creating the criteria for a workflow rule.   Summary: I need to trigger an email notification when the "Assigned To" field is either Populated or changed. &...
    Brian Flynn
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  • How to create a Service Request from a received email?

    Our team is trying to create a Service Request from an email sent from another system.  At present it is creating an incident.  Can anyone help me?
    Vicki Poe
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  • Does Hiding Queue Email stop communication

    We have some queues where the queue email has been filled in.  Does hiding that field prevent it from being used by automation?  Certainly a best practice to clear the field first, but is it required?  ...
    Sam M Cohen
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  • Users unable to view tickets created by team members in Self Service Portal

    Our Remedyforce users are unable to see tickets submitted by other team members in Self Service Portal Others tab. I have added sharing rule so that all Roles and Subordinates for a RoleA are able to Read/Write Incide...
    Vandana Rattan
    last modified by Vandana Rattan
  • in which class does the Organization related Cloud servers and server less types and cloud components like data base information can be captured in Remedyforce CMDB.Do we have any structure defined and its related attributes

    In our organization we started moving into Cloud servers and server less type support and cloud components (Database and storage) as well. In which class do we need to capture this information.Do we have predefined a...
    s chandana
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  • Self service 3.0 layout and css

    Anyone has any suggestion about reproducing or using the same layout of remedyforce Self service 3.0 in a visualforce page ?   We have to implement some additional custom Service request  without lose the ...
    Giuseppe Ruvolo
    last modified by Giuseppe Ruvolo