• End user selfservice attachment is unavailable in Remedyforce console

    Hello, when a user submits an Incident from the Remedyforce selfservice attaching a file, in the console the ticket is available but the attachment is not. It happens only to some users: in particular users whose pr...
  • Smart Suggestions --> Copy Article Text and Copy Article Link

    Hi,   In "Smart Suggestions" on console what exactly Copy Article text and Copy Article Link does? I tried to paste into comments and emails. Nothing pastes.   Thanks in Advance!   Sayali
    Sayali Wasule
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  • Mapping Email Content

    Hello,   I understand that we can use the delimiter and exact field names to have emails set content in a ticket. What I am looking to do is map fields with a key word without the need of delimiter or exact fiel...
    Seth Malwitz
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  • Email Alert from Client Note in Action History

    Hello, I'm a neophyte when it comes to Admin on Remedyforce.   But I'm trying to create an Email Alert when Clients enter a Client Note from Self Service.   Here's the setup I've tried so far, with no luc...
    Christopher Landers
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  • How can I obtain the action history for a Remedyforce ticket via Tableau?

    Hello,   I am trying to construct a report that will give me SLA statuses and action histories for particular selections of tickets. The history part is stumping me.   So far I have managed to join BMCSer...
    Reuben Lewarne
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  • Is it possible to link Change Requests to other Change Requests?

    Is it possible to link Change Requests to other Change Requests?
    Michael Fabricius
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  • Remedyforce self service portal of end user license.

    Hi there,   Could anyone tell me about the "Request a Service" of the self-service portal?   I created a Client user and confirmed the self service portal. When i click "Request a service", it says No res...
    Mina Horiuchi
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  • Designating Task Template in a flow doesn't quite work

    Hello,   I'm building a screen flow intended to be launched from a service request that collects some info then creates a series of tasks to be linked to the SR. For the tasks while some items are set at run time...
    ios man
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  • Where can I get the BMC Remedyforce Pentaho support ZIP??

    The documentation states to go to the Remedyforce page in the community and click Content and then choose Technical Documentation but I am not seeing Technical Documentation anywhere on that page. Can anyone tell me w...
    Angie Deetz
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  • Make Certain Fields Required While Raising a Ticket

    Hello there.   There was a discussion with out client who has a RemedyForce installation and would like to know how to properly make certain fields mandatory while raising the following Tickets.below.   1-...
    Urooj Hussain
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  • Recommended Training for Salesforce/RF Integrations

    Hello!   Our organization has a few different cloud services like Office 365, InTune etc. I wanted to learn more about ways to integrate/automate some of our processes that work across cloud platforms. Specifica...
    Rick Sheets
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  • Remedyforce REST API: BMCServiceDesk:Too many SOQL queries: 101

    Hello,   I am invoking Remedyforce REST API 'Knowledgesearch' for searching Remedyforce Knowledge Base. API Link - here Since a week, I'm finding a strange behaviour while calling this API. I'm using Postman to c...
    ios man
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  • How to track whether Knowledge Article feedback is handled or not?

    Is there an existing feature in Remedyforce that enables to mark whether knowledge article feedback has been handled or not?   For example, end user gives a feedback that the link in the Knowledge Article is not...
    Sonja Repo
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  • Incident all in Red

    I have a question and am hoping someone can figure this out for me as I am new to using RemedyForce.  When in the console and viewing the incidents one of them is all in red. It is not a HIGH priority incident an...
    Kimberly Emerson
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  • Sending a survey every 5th ticket

    I am trying to configure the system to send out a survey every 5th incident that is resolved. I am trying to write a formula that will trigger email alert when a ticket is resolved, not closed, excluding any ticket wh...
    Sasha Gladkikh
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  • Submit a request for approval to more than one approver in sequence?

    I believe there is an option to send request to multiple approvers and setting it so that they all have to approve but can this be done in sequence as well? e.g. approver 1 approved request and so it now goes to appro...
    Kelvin Santana
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  • Is there a way to restrict users from creating reports

    I have users that I need to restrict from the ability to create reports in Remedyforce.  Is this possible and if so how can this be accomplished?  Thank You
    Dawn Curlett
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  • Can I change true/false checkbox values or display them differently?

    We have many Self-Service request forms. In some cases, like to request software, we have a form of 30-40 checkboxes for the client to pick the software they want. The problem is when the tech gets the form it becomes...
    Brian Leedy
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  • creating a task linked to a ticket once approval is given

    initially i tried the TASK on the ACTION part of the approval process. unfortunately it created a different task at all which is not linked to a ticket.   i am trying now the Process Builder.   If you have a...
    ios man
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  • Approvals in Self Service

    Hello, Can I add fields in this section?     Regards,
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