• increase the display limit in Self Service lookup fields

    Knowledge articles 000145141 and 000172229 explain how to adjust the min/max limit on lookup fields within Self Service but there still seems to be a limit of 200.   We are in need of an increase to that limit....
    Jessica Hinkal
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  • How to prevent requester approving his/her own request?

    Hello. I would like to know how to prevent requester approving his/her own request?   Since we have some approvers who will submit the request as well and would like to know how to prevent this.   We use m...
    Wai Man TANG
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  • Single Sign on

    I'm trying to configure Single sign-on in BMC RemedyForce by using onelogin. But failed to connect it. Getting below mentioned error when doing SAML Validator:   Results     Last recorded SAML login f...
    Owais Nasar
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  • Data Loader - Import Business Service into RemedyForce CMDB

    I have difficulty to import Business Service into RemedyForce CMDB from Data Loader.   RemedyForce CMDB Screenshot: Data Loader Screenshot: Which object should I select and required fields also. ( In Remed...
    Owais Nasar
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  • How to query Inventory summary of discovered CIs in Remedyforce

    How can we generated a report of dicovered CIs using the fields in the inventory summary. For example if i want to get the device details and user for each discovered device.
    Jackline M
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  • BMC Helix RemedyForce CMDB tab

    In BMC Helix RemedyForce CMDB is available for all profile I want to set restriction. I want to CMDB should be modified by Administrator only.
    Owais Nasar
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  • Assigning Record Type to Service Request/Incident via Template

    I am trying to assign different page layouts to different types of Service Requests (Software Requests, License Extensions, Project Requsts, etc). I figured the best way would be to create different record types and a...
    Jayce Canale
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  • Remedyforce CMDB Changing Class for a CI

    Hello all,   I'm inheriting a CMDB that has had some interesting items created.  I do have multiple CI's that have linked Changes, Incidents, Problems to them that are in the incorrect class.  Is ther...
    matthew behrens
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  • How many Workflows / Processes do you have?

    Hey everybody!  Hope you're doing well.  We have a question we'd like to put in front of our customers.   How many Workflows and/or Processes do you have against the Incident object?   So, for ex...
    Virginia Leandro
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  • Pentaho ldap input only return 1000 rows of users

    Hi all,   our customer using an OPENLDAP as an AD proxy and allow us to use this server from sync AD users to RF. i have a problem that the ldap input only return 1000 rows of data even i have already set paging...
    Peter Leong
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  • NYC Remedyforce Users Group?

    A few years ago, BMC had a Remedyforce users group meeting in Manhattan.  I think it was very productive and educational.   Since BMC hasn't set one up since, I was thinking of organizing one.  I would...
    Sean Connolly
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  • Tracking Clients

    Good afternoon,   I would like to track all of our clients and their requestors by Client Name, then the users associated with that client.  What is the best way to handle this in Remedyforce?
    Keith Bonin
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  • ServiceDesk Client Permission Set Missing

    I have one user who intermittently loses her ServiceDesk Client permission set.  It's the only permission she has, and it's the standard auto-assigned set for all users. Any ideas on how/why this person keeps get...
    Lorraine Sanner
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  • [RemedyForce] - Managing user licenses

    Good morning,   I have some difficulties to understanding how to manage user licenses in RemedyForce. I was in the trial period and created several accounts to perform tests. With that, I used the SalesForce pla...
    rodrigo barcat
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  • [RemedyForce] - Lookup field doubts

    Hi guys,   I am building a service request and need a lookup field that depends on the value previously selected by the user. You can see it on image below. Is it possible to set up this lookup field?   ...
    rodrigo barcat
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  • Is there a way to extend the 255 character limit for URLs on the Custom Tile Links?

      Or is this something that has to be done through code updates?
    Brandon Smith
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  • BMC Remedyforce with IBM Endpoint Manager (IEM)

    Can we get details from IBM's Endpoint Manager into CMDB of BMC Remedyforce?
    Babar Shamsi
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  • Can you update the owner of linked Incidents when a Broadcast owner changes?

    Our reporting structure requires that an Incident can only be closed by the Owner of the incident. I was instructed to add a validation rule in Remedyforce to prevent someone from closing an Incident unless they are t...
    Jeremiah Pelky
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  • Self Service Simplification

    Hi Experts,   We want to simplify Self Service portal for the end users. Currently they have options to "Raise a Ticket" and "Submit a Request". We want following:   1. Bucket both submitting a ticket and ...
    Vandana Rattan
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  • Sync Gmail Contacts into RemedyForce (Salesforce)

    Hi all,   I am working on a customer who registers all employees as a contact for a corporate Gmail account. Can I sync Company Gmail contacts with RemedyForce user table?   I saw some videos that can sync...
    rodrigo barcat
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