• Change Request e-mail template - merging Linked Services, Configuration items & Assets

    Hi everyone -   I am having difficulty in merging information from a change request into an e-mail template. For example , I have a change request with these items and want to list this in the approval e-mail...
    Matthew Coffin
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  • Link task created with process builder to incident

    Hello,   I would like to link a task that was created using the process builder back to the original incident.   Here is some background: The request was to automatically create a task when a checkbox on...
    Bernadette Henson
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  • Report for current pending approver

    I need help creating a report that show the current approver for change request.  Can anyone help?
    Vicki Poe
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  • How do I tell if a CR is currently pending approval process?

    I have a process builder that keep failing because it is trying to submit for approval but says it is already in approval process.   Is there an easy way to tell if it is already in approval process?   Rec...
    Randy Powell
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  • Is it possible to automate updating of Client ID which was initially created by a different Client ID

    Hi,   i am trying to create an automated way to retag the Client ID. The scenario is applicable when a ticket is created using a generic account (our separate ChatBot facility), the process is ideally able to va...
  • How to capture bidirectional relationship in remedyforce cmdb

    In our organization we have some scenarios was below Scenario 1: 1.Application A sends -> Application B 2.Application B-> sends -> Application A Scenario 2: 1. Application A  <-> ETL(Mulesoft...
    Chandana Siddappareddy
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  • Summer 19 Upgrade

    just to verify, are you saying that Summer 19 upgrade will still take place on the orignal Sept 20th date and then the patch auto upgrade on the 27th or has the original upgrade been changed to the 27th and summer 19 ...
    Tammy Kohler
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  • Uninstalling Remedyforce Package giving errors

    I am getting thousands of dependency errors while uninstalling Remedyforce package from one of my developer sandboxes. I need help if there is a way I can uninstall package forcefully without fixing dependency errors ...
    Jyoti Verma
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  • Adding Change CI Link Fields into an Email Template

    Hi   I have added a number of Configuration Items into the Linked Services and Configuration Items of a Change Request, and I now want those items to be listed in an email template for change approval, but I can...
    Juliette Murray
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  • Listing available software

    Hi - this is a question to see what methods people have used to display/share this kind of information.   We have a list of 'supported' and unsupported but requested software within the CMDB.  Service Desk ...
    Graham Webster-Newman
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  • Pentaho - data not populating on job run

    Hello,   I am trying to populate staff's building name into Salesforce. We have 8 buildings across our district. In Pentaho I have added physicalDeliveryOfficeName to the fields in LDAP input and Excel Output. W...
    Seth Malwitz
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  • [Remedyforce] Pentaho Data Integration Error

    Hi All,   I'm studying Pentaho Integration and I'm having an error. I followed this link How to Configure the Remedyforce LDAP Pentaho Integration Package - YouTube and I'm sure I got everything correct. please ...
    Lloyd Alvin Santiago
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  • When I try and locate an Object to begin configuring incident fields nothing comes up

    John Booze
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  • Date Expected is not working as expected

    I have the SRD's turnaround time set to 2 hours.   Here is the Date Expected in Self Service. After submitting and opening the record the Date Expected is pushed to the next day instead of 2 hours from the ...
    Ben Seba
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  • 1 User multiple account

    Hi   I have a customer whom is a landlord and we managed their tenants service. She is looking to be able to log onto the Self Service portal and see all the tickets which are raised by her or her tenants ...
    Lora Barclay
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  • (Ref:IN...) Tag line used to reply to an email from RF

    The tag used in Incident email is is (Ref:IN:{!BMCServiceDesk__Incident__c.Name})   If using this in Change Management, what should be the (Ref:XX:{... I am assuming that the IN is for Incident, what then wo...
    Cristy Castano
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  • Different Close Form on Layout

    Morning   Am I able to get a different Incident Close Form for a different layout?   Thanks
    Lora Barclay
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  • Problem Performing Ticket Query and Validation with RemedyForce Ticketing system using SOAP API

    Hi again,       A bit of background;   We have a client following an ITSM implementation in which they are trying to use RemedyForce ticketing system to perform a tickets validation    ...
    Urooj Hussain
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  • Pentaho Scirpt - Active Directory OU filters

    HI,   I have Pentaho script created for pulling Active Directory data into BMC but the way it's working right now to sync all objects from AD.   wondering if someone can help with the script to sync users ...
    Samuel Joshi
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  • Addign the Assign to Me button on the Task console

    is there a way to add the Assign to Me button other consoles; like the Task and the Service Requests?
    Cristy Castano
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