• How can you limit the email domains that can be set in Remedyforce user accounts?

    In our environment, only user accounts with specific domains will be imported via Pentaho AD integration.  It doesn't appear this is configured in the job itself and instead is configured by a setting in Remedyfo...
    Heather Drews
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  • BMC Helix Remedyforce:Is there a way to find a validation rule only with the error msg?

    Today a strange situation happened. For several days we did several tests and I didn't have that kind of problem.   I'm trying to save an incident. The Service field is not set as mandatory, but when saving the ...
    rodrigo barcat
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  • Self Service Site login page cannot be accessed

    Hello Guys;   We are implementing security options for LGPD (the equivalent to GDPR in US) in one of our customers but i´m getting a strange behavior. After enabling the Secure guest user record access and...
    Carlos Valle
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  • BMC REMEDYFORCE Console: Service Request layout

    Hi All,   Please guide how can I customized Remedyforce Service Request Console Layout.   I need to change "Service Request Details" layout. and also for Self Service portal "Manage Approval" -> show...
    S. Abu Owais Bin Nasar
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  • Salesforce File - Version Behavior

    So this is something I didn't see mentioned in any Files upgrade documentation. Salesforce Files offer the option of Uploading a new version of a file on the existing file. This is super useful as sometimes files ch...
    Josh Lenning
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  • I'm unable to open existing incident tickets in Lightening Experience

    I have just upgraded our sandbox to lightening experience and i'm unable to open tickets etc or access our Rememdyfore administration tab.   I keep getting this error   What am I missing? I've setup up use...
    Micheal Breen
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  • Remedyforce custom action limits link type

    Hi,   I would like to add following action or agent tools entry to Remedyforce console: https://salesforceinstancexyz/lightning/r/Case/5003O000004aIQ1/view   Action editor provides a possibility to only ...
    Antti Tapiola
    created by Antti Tapiola
  • When a Process fails on ticket creation due to Validation Rule is there a way to show the normal Error prompt?

    When a Process fails due to Validation Rule Remedyforce shows an Error box that is confusing to end users. Is there a way to have it show the normal Validation Rule error prompt?  
    Ben Seba
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  • Accessing application from device : BMC Remedyforce

    Hi All,   Can anyone please tell me, if we need to access BMC Remedyforce Selfservice application from Android mobile application then what are pre-requisites for this(No idea for mobile application). What is to...
    Emma Watson
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  • Integrate BMC Remedy Force??

    Hi All,   Can you please provide some ways to integrate with Remedy Force?? Heard it is possible via Web services or API . If so where can I find those WSDLs? Any integration document is available? Thanks in ...
    Lakshmi Ramamoorthy
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  • Remedyforce Global Search Function

    Dear All,   I would like to clarify on the global search configuration   When i'm login as Service Desk Staff i'm able to utilize the search bar on top of salesforce page, to perform search by incident #,...
    wai chong
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  • Incidents Trending Report

    Hi All,   I want to create a report on Incident trending. Ex. Number of Incident opened in particular month, Number of Incident closed in particular month and diff. b/w no. of incident open and closed in partic...
    Subhash Garhwal
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  • Request Definition Input to Invoke Template - issue with CMDB lookup

    Greetings,   On several of my Request Definitions I have Inputs which Lookup values in the CMDB such as Physical Location, Organization (Business Units), and Software. These are set up with Lookup filters to onl...
    Chris Troyer
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  • Different Page Layout for Incident and Service Request in Console and Self Service Portal

    We have a requirement where we require to have Different Page Layouts for Service Request and Incidents in both Console and Service Requests. So I have two Questions in mind. Is it possible to Have Multiple Selfserv...
    Bhupesh Mukhija
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    Hi All, I'm trying to import users from Windows Server Active Directory into my BMC Remedyforce by using the Pentaho Data Integration tool. All pentaho configuration done as per giving instruction on BMC Documentation...
    S. Abu Owais Bin Nasar
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  • Reporting on SLA times

    Hi all,   First time poster here so please be gentle!   We are trying to use the "Time Remaining" and "Elapsed Time" fields for the Incident Service Targets to export to a 3rd party system.  They can ...
    Michael Giles
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  • RF integrate with Random Password Management by Liberman software

    Hi Members,   Please confirm that Remedyforce integrate with Random Password Management by Liberman software (RPM used for machine generated password for any system, which expires automatically in couple of hour...
    Muhammad Faizan Iftikhar
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  • BMC Helix Remedyforce: Doubt on spoon flow

    Hi guys,   I am running the AD integration from Spoon and today when I ran the job it generate an error (below).     My doubt is, if the username is the same, the flow does not need to update the re...
    rodrigo barcat
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  • Original email body with conversation templates

    How can you use email templates in ticket responses but also keep the text of the original email responding to?
    Markus Konrad Skurowski
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  • Which is the best CI class type to select to hold the network shared folders related to specific application in a server

    We have received a request to capture the network shared folders related to their applications and in recent times there were down of server and this folder is not accesible and raised for critical incident ticket. W...
    s chandana
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