• Approval email receiving from wrong email address

    Hello all,   We are receiving email from wrong email address (Org wide email address) asking for approval only in few cases. Usually email asking for approval comes from requester's email address however only f...
    Varada Bhanage
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  • Relative Elapsed Time 0 Business Day(s) 00:00 HH:MM

    Hello,   Wanted to check if there were any common reasons why the relative elapsed time would show 0 Business Day(s) 00:00 HH:MM. The job is running as expected and other tickets or even the same ticket differe...
  • BMC Helix Remedyforce:Is there a way to find a validation rule only with the error msg?

    Today a strange situation happened. For several days we did several tests and I didn't have that kind of problem.   I'm trying to save an incident. The Service field is not set as mandatory, but when saving the ...
    rodrigo barcat
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  • Incident Assignment Discussion

    I was unable to create a Poll on the BMC Helix Remedyforce space so going the Discussion route. I am curious how many customers rely on the OOB behavior of the Staff field being populated as the logged in user when cr...
    John Wisdom
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  • Subscribe to Service Health by Service

    Right now users can go to a Service Outage in the Self Service Portal and "subscribe to updates" for individual outages. Is there anyway to let users subscribe to the Service itself? that way if any outages are create...
    Josh Lenning
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  • Rename Submit a Ticket

    Can we rename Submit a Ticket tile? If so how?  
    Vandana Rattan
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  • Searching SR# in Incident Console View returns nothing

    After creating SR, I tried to search with SR# in "Incident" tab in console. But it didn't returned anything. Service Request is showing as separate tab while enabling "Seggregate Incident and Service Requests". But ...
    Satheesh G
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  • Need to limit number of views in RemedyForce Console (not each queue)

    IN our organization, we have a number of different support groups.  Each support group has access to there 1-n queues.  Limiting access to these queues can be done with profiles & permission sets. Howeve...
    Randy Powell
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  • Category field in the CMDB

    Hi, in the CI I don't see any category field.   However it is in the object itself (BMCServiceDesk__Category__c) but it is not displayed to the users. And I cannot select it in the field sets to be displayed. &...
    Foued BEN HADJ ALI
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  • Auto Assignment(Escalation) of Incidents in Remedyforce

    Hi Team,   Is there any existing functionality to escalate the tickets to Primary Oncall, secondary Oncall and Manager Oncall based on specific time duration.   For instance, if the ticket came from Self s...
    HariKrishna Sompalli
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  • Signature Capture on Lightning Flow

    Hello Guys;   I am testing a flow for signature capture. The first idea is to have the signature image saved to the incident object attachments and thats working fine.   It would be more interesting if i ...
    Carlos Valle
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  • Creating a Change Request from an email

    Hello,   Is it possible to create a Change Request in Remedyforce from an email. I can create an incident but can't work out how to create a Change.   Thanks   Mark
    Mark Scherf
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  • BMC Helix remedy force

    what are the dependencies/prerequisites for BMC helix remedy force for POC
    Junaid Ahmed
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  • Business Service Relationships

    Hi, Want to create 3 tier business service relationship other than service offering. For example: Service 1 : A (Business Service, served as Parent and have child "B") Service 2 : B (sub service of service 1 i.e. ...
    Babar Shamsi
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  • Self Service 3.0 does not show for client users but shows for Staff and Administrative Users

    I am preparing our Sandbox for a 3.0 deployment from 2.0.  In my Sandbox, SS 3.0 looks great and works just as desired when logged in as myself.  But when I log in as a standard user, I still see 2.0.  ...
    Heather Drews
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  • How do I limit a knowledge article in Remedyforce to a group of people

    We have self service in multiple languages and control view of SRD usinf permission sets.   I want to be able to do something similar with knowledge so that people only see the the knowledge artilces for the...
    Ingrid Stone
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  • Post Summer 20 upgrade does anybody else have an issue with the console refresh not working with My Work Day enabled?

    Since we were auto upgraded to Remedy Summer 20 last Friday and we enabled My Work Day on the console we noticed that the console auto refresh stopped working. I tried setting a manual console refresh rate in custom s...
    Richard Murray
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  • Service Request Attachment

    We have a Service Request that opens Change Request right after creation and goes to Change Approval. We have enabled the addition of an attachment on the Self Service Request, but that attachment remains only in the...
    Davorka Tojcic
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  • knowledge article visibility by account

    I want to make knowledge articles visible to specific accounts, I've already added the VF page for selecting the accounts on knowledge articles, the problem I have is that we need to make articles visible to over 3000...
    Emile Steenkamp
    created by Emile Steenkamp
  • Doubt about correct logics in Service Request - Fulfillment - Approval - Tasks

    Hello Guys;   I would appreciate some help in this service request logic :   - Three people envolved - A (who initiates the service request,  B (second person who must complete information in service ...
    Carlos Valle
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