• Workflow to set status to Assigned when staff "takes" an Incident

    I cannot seem to get the logic right on this workflow.  What I need is for the status to change to assigned when the staff assigns the incident to themselves.  The status does not change as expected.  P...
    Cristy Castano
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  • Change Request E-mail template - Send , Test & Verify Merge Fields

    Hi Everyone   I know I am going to kick myself when I know the answer to this. I am creating a visualforce e-mail template for change requests , but I cannot get the send , test and verify merge fields to work. ...
    Matthew Coffin
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  • How to fix Heap Size too Large on base element lookup while creating new template

    Hi everyone, I'm getting an "Apex heap size too large" when trying to pick a base element record for a lookup field in a template I'm trying to create for change request. Do you know how to solve this issue?  ...
    Lior Lavi
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  • Export to Csv button on Self service

    Hi All,   I am not able to get Category and Staff field when i export the file from the Export to CSV button on Self service. I have added the fields on the field set SF1 - Self service view tickets. Is there an...
    shardul singh
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  • Problem Performing Ticket Query and Validation with RemedyForce Ticketing system using SOAP API

    Hi again,   A bit of background; We have a client following an ITSM implementation in which they are trying to use RemedyForce ticketing system to perform a tickets validation   After successfully perform...
    Urooj Hussain
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  • Creating a validation rule which only applies to the Console and not Self Service

    Greetings,   Is it possible to create a validation rule which is only enforced when dealing with an Incident record in the Remedyforce Console and not when submitting an Incident on the self service portal? ...
    Chris Troyer
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  • Fix - Remedyforce Console/Selfservice wont load on FireFox ver 69.0

    Firefox recently release version 69.0 on OSX. Users began reporting that they could no longer load Remedyforce Console and Self service, but they could load the Salesforce objects without issue.   The users conf...
    Gabriel McGinn
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  • Categories not visible on Self-Service portal.

    Not all the categories are visible on self-service portal under "view self-help articles " admin is able to see all the categories but not the other profile. Also, I have verified "view in self-service" checkbox is ...
    Sayali Wasule
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  • Creating and link a problem ticket to an Incident

    Currently when in an Inc, there is a button to create & link a problem ticket to the Incident - it copies over the description, the client name, etc.. I have a custom field in the Incident that i would also like t...
    Paula Drew
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  • [Remedyforce] Multiple Change Approval Process

    Hi All,   Can anyone assist me with multiple change approval process? the goal is to have 3 approvers in Change Management and all of them must sign/approve before the change can push through. else, change can't...
    Lloyd Alvin Santiago
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  • Having BPPM update Remedyforce ticket

    This could just be me, but while I found the directions in the help file very good for creating tickets in Remedyforce from BPPM, I didn't quite get how to update them. But Shawn Ahmed got me the necessary information...
    Anne Brock
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  • Need to limit number of views in RemedyForce Console (not each queue)

    IN our organization, we have a number of different support groups.  Each support group has access to there 1-n queues.  Limiting access to these queues can be done with profiles & permission sets. Howeve...
    Randy Powell
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  • Any Idea on Creating a Report about all Support Staffs

    as part of governance, i am trying to create a report that would provide me a view of all support staff within RemedyForce and how many tickets have already been assigned to them. The objective is to be able to see wh...
    Michael Vincent Condez
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  • Inconsistent scheduled event behavior using Task Created Date

    Hello, I have a fairly simple Process Builder that does two things. 1. Upon detecting a change in status on a Task to a particular status the first criteria will Create a new Task., 2. the second criteria is called wh...
    John Fontenault
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  • CMDB Automatic Updates - Laptop Checkin / Checkout SR with Outlook Salesforce Plugin

    Hello!   I wanted to share  a challenge we've had on our Service Desk for a while within regards to checking in and checking out Loaner Laptops to ensure we have a correct count on hand and who didn't retur...
    Rick Sheets
    created by Rick Sheets
  • Why is Login Date not populated in the User History

    Hi, i am trying to create a report that would present me details of the different login dates of each user. However, based on the extraction i made, it was only my account that had entries.   Object i used was U...
    Michael Vincent Condez
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  • how to publish Remedy Force SOAP Web service API

    hi All,   I get confused regarding how to publish remedyforce web services for the other third party. I check for in setup | Develop | API | Generate Partner WSDL, its created one url for all the objects in the...
    Ricky .
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  • Aging Wise Report Required

    Dear All,   I  want the aging wise report as per given format.   Queue APPROVAL REQUESTED DEPLOY Grand Total 0 To 3 Days Over 3 Days Over 7 Days Over 15 Days Over 30 Days Total 0 To 3 Days Over 3 Day...
    Muhammad Ibrahim Shaikh
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  • Agile Accelerator - Remedyforce

    Hello,   I am working with Agile Accelerator and when I try to create a new "BUG" some fields are mandatory such as "Found in build".   When I put some values in this field and save, the following error appe...
    last modified by LESLIE MILLAN
  • Can Remedyforce be integrated to Micro Focus UCMDB to populate RF CMDB?

    Hi!   Is it possible to integrate the latest Summer19 RF with Micro Focus UCMDB?   I found on MF website that there's and integration --> ITOM Practitioner Portal  . However, then I tried the steps...
    Amy Koh
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