• Bringing  security groups from Azure AD as Queue In Remedyforce & Best Practice to maintain profile in Remedyforce

    Hi Paul Donders     One of our customer wants to bring security groups from Azure AD as Queue in Remedyforce. However, as per our understanding, there is no direct way to bring security groups from Azure ...
    Sneha Wakale
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  • Email based approval from generic email account

    Hi we have a requirement to implement email based approvals but based on generic email account.   we are already aware that there is out of the box a feature to allow email based approvals but from specific us...
  • Prepopulating Remedyforce Console Fields

    I am looking to populate Root Cause Analysis field in Task object from custom button in Task object when task is created from RCA. While clicking "Create Task" button page is getting redirected and New Task is opened...
    Satheesh G
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  • ServiceDesk Client Profile - Permissions needed to see flow standard component triggered in Lightning Home page

    Hy Guys;   I have to types of images displayed at Home Lightning Page:   1) Image displayed by a custom component in XML with reference to a static resource ==> Ok, every user with ServiceDesk Client pr...
    Carlos Valle
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  • When "Secure guest user record access" has been enabled in Salesforce, I am getting an error updating a BMCServiceDesk__Change_Request__c with APEX.

    When "Secure guest user record access" has been enabled in Salesforce, I am getting an error updating a BMCServiceDesk__Change_Request__c with an APEX class.   Update failed. First exception on row 0 with id ; f...
    Damon Gravning
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  • Default multiple view in remedyforce console

    Hi there,   I had enable the "Display Multiple Views" as below. and I able to have multiple view in the console.   However when I refresh the page/navigate to other tab and back to "Remedyforce Consol...
    Tiffany Chua
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  • BMC Remedyforce Chat

    Hi All,   In BMC Remedyforce self service portal client user can chat with Support Staff. By ending chat session its allow Support Staff to generate new incident or modified existing incident.   My questio...
    S. Abu Owais Bin Nasar
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  • "HasAttachments" on Knowledge Article

    Has anyone had any success in creating a "HasAttachments" field on the Knowledge Article object like what exists on CR, Incident, Problem and Task? We have a process that auto submits for approval any changes made to ...
    John Wisdom
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  • Hide "View Service Health" menu in self service

    Hi there   Is there any idea we could hide this menu in self service? we are launching the self-service portal and user is complaining this menu is confusing as they dont need it.   Thanks TC
    Tiffany Chua
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  • Error while integrating BMC discovery with BMC Helix Remedyforce:  failed creation of non shared relationships

    Hello all,   We are trying to connect BMC discovery with BMC Helix Remedyforce. and we are getting following error. Can any one guide us here?  
    Varada Bhanage
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  • Best Practice for Loading Vendors

    We are looking for guidance loading vendor data into Remedyforce.  Some of these questions may be naive given limited knowledge. The found BMC documentation refers to CMDB loading. It does not appear that Account...
    Sam M Cohen
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  • Reporting on RF Chat

    Hi   We see time stamps from Staff and Client in RF chat - which field captures first reply from Staff - as I checked Assigned Date captures the time moment chat is initiated - when client starts chat - the firs...
    Jyoti Verma
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  • Filtering of a lookup field to base element does not work ??

    Hi, I am trying to create a lookup field on base element on incident form that would show only Cis of type PhysicalLocation.   However this seems to be not working.   Have you ever faced this and have you...
    Foued BEN HADJ ALI
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  • Cloning a Change - including related lists

    We make extensive use of the related lists for a change - for example to associate CIs.   When we clone the lists are not associated with the clone - i.e. we lose our CI association.   Is there are simple ...
    Geoff Thorpe
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  • Problem with Pentaho RF Integration with SCCM

    Hi All,   I'm integrating Remedyforce with SCCM tool which actually imports CIs into remedyforce. For that firstly I got connected to database using Table input in pentaho, the SQL query written in this Table in...
    Saurabh Kulkarni
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  • Can we calculate total time spent on incident ?

    Can we calculate total time spent on incident or service request in report? It should  include only business hours. I need to generate SLA report.
    Sneha Wakale
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  • Font color in Self Service Instruction

    Hello,   How it is possible to change the font size and the color of the text in the instructions field under self service portal?   We really would like to do it better visible for our end users.   ...
    Peter Rottmann
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  • When will Remedyforce next version released?

    Hi, Now, Newest Remedyforce version is Summer'14. When will Remedyforce next version(Winter'15?) released?   Regards,
    Yoshino Watanabe
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  • Web to Lead kind of functionality for Incidents/Service Requests.

    Hello Team,   How can we capture new client details as a Service Request in Remedyforce. Our requirement is to capture new client detials in a web form and convert it into a service request that automatically as...
    HariKrishna Sompalli
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  • ENQUIRY : Change Request Approval Process in RemedyForce

    Hi All,   Help~~ Help~~   Would like to check whether RemedyForce able to setup multiple change approval process and the process is running together.   Eg : 1. Have multiple checkbox (A,B, C) and al...
    Winnie Chuah
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