• ServiceDesk Client Profile - Permissions needed to see flow standard component triggered in Lightning Home page

    Hy Guys;   I have to types of images displayed at Home Lightning Page:   1) Image displayed by a custom component in XML with reference to a static resource ==> Ok, every user with ServiceDesk Client pr...
    Carlos Valle
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  • Bringing  security groups from Azure AD as Queue In Remedyforce & Best Practice to maintain profile in Remedyforce

    Hi Paul Donders     One of our customer wants to bring security groups from Azure AD as Queue in Remedyforce. However, as per our understanding, there is no direct way to bring security groups from Azure ...
    Sneha Wakale
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  • Salesforce Security Alert!  Changes to Guest User Security

    Update: October 15, 2020: The Guest User Security changes will be enforced in the Winter '21 release without opt-out and disable options.  Details can be found here: https://cloud.mail.salesforce.com/GuestUserSec...
    Virginia Leandro
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  • Remedyforce fieldsets for Service Outage in Console

    2 votes
    In the last release the Service Outage was added to the console but it seems that some core functionality was not included in the release in that custom fields can not be added to the page layouts through fieldsets. &...
    Emile Steenkamp
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  • Default multiple view in remedyforce console

    Hi there,   I had enable the "Display Multiple Views" as below. and I able to have multiple view in the console.   However when I refresh the page/navigate to other tab and back to "Remedyforce Consol...
    Tiffany Chua
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  • BMC Remedyforce Chat

    Hi All,   In BMC Remedyforce self service portal client user can chat with Support Staff. By ending chat session its allow Support Staff to generate new incident or modified existing incident.   My questio...
    S. Abu Owais Bin Nasar
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  • Automatic Submission of approval based on Service Owner

    Not Planned
    5 votes
    The idea is to have a functionality inside RemedyForce Administration giving the option to enable automatic submission of approval based on Service Owner of a Business Service or ServiceOffering inside CMDB. This coul...
    Carlos Valle
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  • Hide "View Service Health" menu in self service

    Hi there   Is there any idea we could hide this menu in self service? we are launching the self-service portal and user is complaining this menu is confusing as they dont need it.   Thanks TC
    Tiffany Chua
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  • Best Practice for Loading Vendors

    We are looking for guidance loading vendor data into Remedyforce.  Some of these questions may be naive given limited knowledge. The found BMC documentation refers to CMDB loading. It does not appear that Account...
    Sam M Cohen
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  • Helix Support: Summer 20 Release My Workday New feature!

    The newest version of Remedyforce (Summer 20) introduces a feature called "My workday". My Workday is a new visual way to help your staff (and admins) on keeping track on their pending Incidents, Tasks, Change Request...
    Diego Novoa
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  • Add a field set for Assignment Details in Remedyforce Console

    Below Review Threshold
    18 votes
    Currently, there is not a way to add additional fields in the Console to the section titled "Assignment Details".  That section includes the "Queue" and "Staff" fields, but we have other custom fields that relate...
    Peter Rizol
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  • Manage Language for Knowledge Article

    Below Review Threshold
    23 votes
    Add a language filter for Knowledge Article , so users can search and understand Articles with their default language. Self help articles might become not helpful even if articles are found thanks to relevant categor...
    Laurent Kassor
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  • Disable Shared QuickViews

    Hi,   Anyone have idea how to disable the "Shared QuickViews" tab in the Remedyforce Console? There are Change/Problem QuickViews that eventually will cause confusion to the users.     Thanks  ...
    Tiffany Chua
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  • Self Service Category Views

    Product Team Review
    34 votes
    With the Winter 18 update the Child Categories of service requests have been moved and it does not seem to be that user friendly.   Instead of this:       Change it to this:   Example: A...
    Peter-John van Wichen
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  • Improve usability of search popup window to link CIs in Incident/Change Request modules

    3 votes
    On details tab of Incident/Change Request record you can search and link multiple CIs under ‘Linked Configuration Items and Assets’ section. In cases where the search cannot be optimized, multiple searches...
    Kanhaiya Diwan
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  • Possibility to search Salesforce knowledge via Remedyforce Console

    Not Planned
    3 votes
    In the latest BMC Winter 2020 release there was an enhancement which enabled the end users (ServiceDesk Client) to search Salesforce Knowledge Articles from the Self Service portal. Since the feature was only enabled ...
    Sonja Repo
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  • Relative Elapsed Time 0 Business Day(s) 00:00 HH:MM

    Hello,   Wanted to check if there were any common reasons why the relative elapsed time would show 0 Business Day(s) 00:00 HH:MM. The job is running as expected and other tickets or even the same ticket differe...
  • More flexibility to action editor for defining urls

    3 votes
    Hi,   I would like to add following action or agent tools entry to Remedyforce console: https://salesforceinstancexyz/lightning/r/Case/5003O000004aIQ1/view   Action editor provides a possibility to only add ...
    Antti Tapiola
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  • Add Attachment to rule based email

    2 votes
    Our customers can ask for additional access rights to specific applications. The process to do so is pretty simple. Just fill in the form on the Self Service Portal and add an attachment. The attachment holds the a sc...
    Bert Bäcker
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  • Rename Submit a Ticket

    Can we rename Submit a Ticket tile? If so how?  
    Vandana Rattan
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