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Adobe announced End of Life for Flash Player in 2017. This was followed by leading browsers announcing the end of support for Flash Player.


BMC took cognizance of this impending change in the design of BMC Helix Remedyforce. We identified and removed dependencies on Flash Player in the product. These components were replaced by modern ones that did not depend on Flash Player and in fact provided a much superior user experience. These changes were made in the Winter 19 release of Remedyforce. Customers who have upgraded to the Winter 19 or later versions of Remedyforce will not have any adverse impact in using Remedyforce after the retirement of Flash Player.


Summer 18 and older versions of Remedyforce had dependencies on Flash Player. Customers who are using these versions of Remedyforce may experience a disruption in product functionality after browsers retire Flash Player.


We strongly urge customers using old versions of Remedyforce to upgrade to recent ones to mitigate the risk of any adverse impact of the behavior of browsers after Flash Player stops working in browsers. Although most browsers appear to support Flash Player until the end of 2020, BMC has no control over the exact dates that this change will happen.


To upgrade to a recent version of Remedyforce, please reach out to your business relationship manager or