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Salesforce has planned to deploy changes to Sandboxes within the next few days. These changes can potentially impact your sandboxes. Please assess the impact on your organization and take appropriate action.


Salesforce Edge

Salesforce Edge routes requests to the closest Salesforce location where Salesforce Edge is deployed. This brings Salesforce services closer to the user on trusted Salesforce infrastructure. Salesforce has planned to deploy Salesforce Edge to Sandbox environments on July 4, 2020. Sandboxes created or refreshed after this date will use Salesforce Edge services.


No action is necessary if you do not allowlist Salesforce IP addresses. If you do allowlist Salesforce IP addresses, and you only allowlist regional IP addresses, Salesforce recommends that you include their current IP address ranges for those regions where you have end-users. This will enable them to connect to the closest available Salesforce data center where Salesforce Edge is deployed. You can find the complete list of IP address ranges in the knowledge article Salesforce IP Addresses and Domains to Allow.


For more information, read the knowledge article What is Salesforce Edge?


Stabilize the Hostname for My Domain URLs

Salesforce will enforce the Stabilize the Hostname for My Domain URLs in the Sandboxes update on July 11, 2020. This enablement is for existing sandbox orgs with an instance name in their hostnames. When the update is enabled, the instance is removed from the sandbox’s URL. For example, replaces


This update is automatically enabled for all sandbox orgs created or refreshed since the Spring ’20 release.

For other existing sandbox orgs, the timing of this enablement depends on whether your sandbox is upgraded to Summer ’20 by July 11, 2020:

  • Existing sandboxes on Summer ’20: Update enabled on July 11, 2020.
  • Existing sandboxes not on Summer ’20 by July 11, 2020: Update enabled when your Sandbox is upgraded to Summer ’20.


We strongly encourage all admins to test the changes in a sandbox to ensure that the new URL works with firewalls and proxy servers in the network path between your end-users and Salesforce. If you use service provider (SP) initiated SAML to log into your sandbox, work with your identity provider (IdP) to use the sandbox’s stabilized My Domain hostname.


For more information, read the Salesforce Summer '20 Release Notes.