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SSO issue are tricky to resolve if you don’t know how SSO works. Once you have enough understanding, analyse the issue and after that follow debugging steps mentioned below: -


  1. Install below tools (any one of them will do) in the SSO environment for debugging live


A) Open chrome browser and search for “SAML tracer for Chrome” extension and add it to chrome .


    1. This extension is used for tracking SAML request, which we want to track for SAML request which flows between Salesforce and ADFS
    2. SAML-tracer - Chrome Web Store



B )  You can also add SAML Chrome Panel in debugger tool of chrome


C ) You can install Fiddler also



2) Remember this picture, for the overall flow and debug accordingly by using above tools




3) If you are facing RelayState issue, refer below diagram






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