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I hope everyone is staying safe during these unprecedented times. I wanted to make you aware of a defect in the BMC Helix Remedyforce CMDB that was introduced in the Remedyforce Winter 20 patch, which was first released a few weeks ago.  The good news is that this issue only occurs during a very specific scenario within the Remedyforce CMDB and for most customers, will not be an issue.  Please see the details of the issue below and feel free to contact your BRM or me if you have any questions.


PRODUCT: BMC Helix Remedyforce


VERSION: Winter 20 Patch 2



When manually creating a rule base asset class (RBA) record, the record is not getting assigned to the RBA class.



This problem only occurs when customers are manually creating rule base asset class records in the Remedyforce CMDB.  This problem does not apply to any integrations which create CMDB records.  When creating a RBA class record, the record will not receive the proper class assignment because the RBA criterial value will be changed to null.  For example, if you are in the Server class and manually create a record, the record should appear in both the Computer System class, which is the parent class along with the Server RBA class. It should appear in the Server class because the primary capability field was set to Server. However, due to the defect, the primary capability field is set to null during the manual creation and the record does not appear in the Server class. Please note: The default criteria on the OOTB RBA classes is the Primary Capability field. If you created your own RBA classes and criteria, the same issue will occur, which is those custom criteria will be assigned a null value.


SOLUTION: This issue will be addressed under defect (DRSKW-105446). A fix is targeted for Winter 20 Patch 3, which is currently scheduled for later next month (June).  In the meantime, we have two workarounds below.  The first workaround is to fix any existing records which may not have been assigned the correct RBA class. The second workaround contains the recommended steps to create any future RBA class records until patch 3 is delivered.


Workaround for Existing Records: Update the RBA instance already created with correct Primary capability

      • Step 1: Identify any RBA records since you applied Winter 20 Patch 2. You can use the “Created Date” field to identify the records.
      • Step 2: After saving the RBA Instance, go to Parent Class ( “Rule Based upon CI Class” ) list view and open the Instance.
      • Step 3: Go to the Specifications Tab, select appropriate Primary Capability.
      • Step 4: Save the Instance.


Workaround for New Records: Create an RBA Instance using its Parent class ( “Rule Based upon CI Class” )

      • Step 1: Select Parent Class of RBA Instance and create new instance. For example Computer System for the Server class.
      • Step 2: Enter field values as mentioned in RBA criteria, so that criteria should be satisfied.
      • Step 3: Save the instance.


Please feel free to contact your BRM or me if you have any questions or concerns.


For additional details, please refer to the following KB article.



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