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   So your are the Admin and get constantly distracted from your important stuff by being asked to create new users, assigning their profiles, roles,  managing permissions for existing users, creating public groups? If this is your case you should learn how to create Delegated Administrators to get them perform these activities for you.


But what is a Delegated Administrator in Salesforce? What are the benefits of having one?


  • A delegated administrator can manage a user in specified roles and all subordinate roles.
  • Unlock users.
  • Assign users to specified profiles.
  • Assign or remove permission sets for users in their delegated groups.
  • Create public groups and manage membership in specified public groups.
  • Log in as a user who has granted login access to the administrator.
  • Manage custom objects and customize nearly every aspect of a custom object.


Watch this short video and learn how to implement this useful Salesforce Feature.

More information on Delegated Administrators can be found on the following Knowledge Article from Salesforce: