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     Remedyforce is a great ITSM tool and when you need to get specific information on your organization, like your Staff help desk performance, this is no exception, Salesforce reports and Remedyforce make a great combination for it.


With Salesforce Reports and Remedyforce, you can obtain Information related to Incidents, Tasks, Problems, Change Requests and pretty much any other record on Remedyforce.

Out of the box, Remedyforce provides a variety of predefined reports to give you quick access to certain information, Categories, Survey comments, Incidents closed before due date, Priority 1 Incidents are just a few examples. However, if you would like to have your own report to show information that is relevant for your organization you can create from scratch your own reports, you can follow these 3 steps quick guide to do so.


1) Create a new Report.
      To create a new report, you would need to go first to Remedyforce Administration Tab, then under Create Dashboards and Reports select “Reports and Dashboards (Salesforce)”, a new window will appear, and you would click on the new report button.

2) Select the desired report type.

     Here you may select what is the object (s) where you’re looking to report on i.e. Incidents, if the report type for the object that you are searching for is not available you can always create a new report type. You may find more information on Report types in the following Salesforce link.

3) Build your report.

      Once you have selected your report type, you will be sitting on the report builder, on the left side of the screen you will see a panel where all the fields for your selected object, then you can just drag and drop them to your report, you can make filters to show only data on a certain period of time and also you may create groups for it. It all comes on your report needs, feel free to play around with it until you have what you need.


That’s it! You have created a report, a 4th step could be scheduling your report to have it on your inbox (or others inbox) have a look on this Salesforce article if this is an interest of yours.