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Nothing's more romantic than a Tech Update, eh? 


Salesforce Spring '20

Little more than half of Salesforce Orgs were upgraded to Salesforce Spring '20 over this past weekend (Feb. 7th).  The remaining orgs will be upgraded this coming weekend (Feb. 14th). 


See page 5 for details.


Instance Refreshes

The upcoming instance refresh schedule is still being confirmed for 2020 so there are no new maintenances scheduled for February.  See page 7 for details.


Prepare for the Google Chrome Cookie Attribute Change

We did a blog post on this change and you can find the details here.  Google Chrome 80 changes the default behavior of cookies in cross-domain scenarios.  What does this mean for Salesforce customers?

  • Cookies won't work for non-secure (HTTP) browser access.  You should use HTTPS instead.
  • Any custom integrations that rely on cookies might no longer work in Google Chrome.  This change particularly affects - but is not limited to - custom single sign-on and integrations using iframes.


See our blog post along with details on page 13.


Upcoming Feature Retirements

  • Salesforce Mobile Web Experience.
  • Data Recovery
  • Lightning Platform API legacy versions retirement
  • Other Salesforce retirements can be found on pages 20 thru 23