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BMC Helix Remedyforce and BMC Helix Client Management (BCM) have two integration options between the solutions which can cause some confusion if you are not aware of these options and differences.  This blog is intended to clarify those different integration options for Remedyforce customers who have BCM or are interested in BCM capabilities with Remedyforce.  If you are not familiar BCM, I recommend you first check out the BCM solution page for more details on the wide range of client management capabilities.



First, we have the original (i.e. older) integration between Remedyforce and BCM.  This integration requires Pentaho.  Setup for this integration is from Remedyforce Administration -> Integrations -> BMC Client Management Integration Settings.  In summary, this integration enables you to pass key device data into the Remedyforce CMDB and perform a range of actions in the context of the CMDB or console including remote control, software delivery, view additional CI details, view registry, etc..


This integration is most common for customers who purchased BCM prior to the release of the newer integration (Summer 16), customers who require BMC on premise or customers who purchased BCM before purchasing Remedyforce.



The newer integration was first released in Summer 16 providing the same capabilities from an agent perspective as the original integration with a few exceptions (see below); however, this newer integration doesn't require Pentaho and simplifies the setup. Setup for this integration is from Remedyforce Administration -> Configure CMDB 2.0 -> Discovery Setup & Configuration.  With this newer integration, we introduced Remedyforce agentless discovery along with Premium and Premium Plus.  Agentless discovery is available at no additional cost to Remedyforce customers. Premium and Premium Plus are additional costs. Below is a high level comparison of these options to BCM. For more details, please refer to the FAQ.


Another way to look at this newer integration is that we've re-branded many aspects/capabilities of BCM as Remedyforce capabilities, providing administrative pages in Remedyforce to easily enable the BCM capabilities/integration.  We also provide "componetized" options as one size doesn't fit all.  Customer can purchase Premium, which contains a subset of BCM capabilities or Premium Plus, which contains all BCM capabilities.  You can upgrade your license as you mature your client management requirements.



Remedyforce – Base License

Remedyforce Client Management – Premium

Remedyforce Client Management  – Premium Plus

BMC Client Management (BCM)

Inventory Management (Agentless Discovery)

Inventory Management (Agent Discovery)


Remote Management


Compliance Management


Patch Management



Deployment Management





This newer integration is targeted to existing Remedyforce customers who require client management capabilities in a hosted environment.  This newer integration does not support BCM on premise.  BCM on premise customers must use the original integration.  Existing BCM on premise or hosted customers using the original integration do not have a migration path to the newer integration. If there is a compelling reason to consider the newer integration (ex. want to stop using Pentaho), please contact your BMC representative to discuss your options.


Below is a high level comparison of the two integration options between Remedyforce and BCM.

Hopefully this provides some clarity on the different integration options between Remedyforce and BMC Client Management.


Feel free to post your comments or questions below.  Thanks