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We are pleased to announce that BMC Helix Remedyforce Winter 20 is generally available. This feature-rich release will enable you to expand the adoption of CMDB and cognitive service management, monitor KPIs and benchmark with your peers, and strengthen the service catalog.


The BCM Web Console can be launched without having to download a file, providing a much superior experience when performing remote control actions. A new access model will allow admins to grant limited CMDB access at a granular level to a wider audience without compromising on security. This will allow for greater adoption of the CMDB.


We have continued to expand cognitive service management capabilities. As Microsoft has been promoting Teams as the preferred collaboration workspace tool, we have extended omnichannel support for interacting with the BMC Helix Chatbot to Microsoft Teams. We have designed a native BMC Helix Cognitive Service using Google TensorFlow that can be used for Auto Categorization. Activity Feed Summarization, launched as a beta in this release, gives service desk agents an automated, real-time summary of notes and emails on the click of a button.


Remedyforce Benchmarking allows you to monitor your service management KPIs and compare against benchmarks. It was released as a beta in a previous release. It is generally available now. We are also glad to announce that we are launching Configuration Sets as a beta in this release. This allows you to promote request definitions from a sandbox to production. Now you do not have to recreate your request definitions in production. Build once, test, promote. That's it! There are updates to Pentaho packages as well.


In Self Service, you can now embed hyperlinks to policies and procedures in service requests. If you have Knowledge Articles created in Salesforce, including Lightning Knowledge, you can have them displayed in Self Service.


A complete list of features of this release is as follows.



Web Console

Launch the new BCM Web Console at the click of a button; no need to download and run a file for performing remote control actions.

Primary Client Mapping

The ability to automatically link the primary client to a discovered device based upon the logged-on user has been introduced.

A new report called "Missing Client in Discovered Instances" has been added. It lists those records that have a login value but no match.

Class Security

Our new access model allows for more granular access control to CMDB classes. Permission sets can be granted four levels of access: Read, Create, Edit, and Delete. This access model allows for granting CMDB access to a wider set of staff.


Cognitive Service Management

Integration with Microsoft Teams

BMC Helix Chatbot for Remedyforce now also works with Teams as the client interface.

BMC Helix Cognitive Service

A new BMC Helix Cognitive Service has been designed using Google TensorFlow as the back-end AI engine. Customers now have a choice between IBM Watson and Google TensorFlow to power their AI initiatives.

Activity Feed Summarization (BETA)

An automated summary of the content of notes and emails is presented in real-time on the click of a button.



Pentaho Packages

Login credentials now have to be entered just once. These have been parameterized and are used wherever necessary. Recently, we had identified several Pentaho packages as no longer relevant. The product documentation has been updated to identify the packages that have been deprecated.

Remedyforce Benchmarking

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) of the incident management process are precalculated every month and stored in your database. A trend of the KPIs is presented to allow you to monitor your progress month-over-month. You can also compare your KPIs with benchmarks of other companies that use Remedyforce. You can even take a deep dive to view benchmarks for other companies in your industry or those of your size.

Configuration Sets (BETA)

Configuration Sets allow you to promote your request definitions from a sandbox to production. The categories, templates, and services that the request definitions depend on are also promoted.

Browser Updates

Firefox implemented Enhanced Tracking Protection some time back. Chrome 80 has applied restrictions on the cross-domain behavior of cookies. Both of these changes have been handled to ensure that there is no impact on the experience of using these browsers for accessing Remedyforce.

New Salesforce Mobile App

The new Salesforce mobile app released in the Salesforce Winter '20 release has been tested for Remedyforce. All functionality of the app has been verified for agents as well as Self Service.


Self Service

Two-Column Layout

You can choose to have closely related fields displayed together when rendering in a two-column layout.

Hyperlinks in Service Requests

Hyperlinks to relevant documents such as policies and procedures can be embedded in service request forms through a new field type. Hyperlinks and other rich text content can be included in Service Request Instructions.

Salesforce Knowledge Articles

Knowledge articles created in Salesforce Knowledge, including Lightning Knowledge, can be displayed in Self Service.

Voluntary Product Accessibility

Product accessibility features have been documented. We have also tested JAWS, a popular screen-reader software.



Staff Auto Assignment now works for updated records also.


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