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In Salesforce Spring ’20, Salesforce has now adopted the International Components for Unicode (ICU) version 60.2 formats for date and time. Additionally, Salesforce has also upgraded the underlying Java Development Kit (JDK) to the latest OpenJDK11.


These changes have introduced some locale specific changes that are having a negative impact on Remedyforce.


Who is impacted?

The locales impacted by this change are:

  • English (India)
  • English (Pakistan)
  • English (Hong Kong SAR China)


How does the issue manifest itself?

Any users defined in Salesforce with one of the above-mentioned locales could experience any of the following:


  • Forms not being saved.
  • Receiving prompts for invalid data and time.
  • CMDB CIs are not saved from the multi-instance editor.
  • Remedyforce Console List view is showing incorrect format for Date/Time fields.
  • Incorrect Date/Time fields are displayed in various filters.
  • Users are not able to save date/time fields by using the Remedyforce console list view bulk update.


Let’s say a user has a Locale of English (India).  Before Salesforce Spring ’20, the Date/Time format for this user would show up as:


     28/01/2019 4:30 PM


In Salesforce Spring ’20, the Date/Time is now displayed as:


     28/01/2019 4:30 pm


Note the “PM” in the Date/Time format is displayed in lower case (“pm”).



As a workaround, change the locale of the user.  For example, the user could change their Locale from say English (India) to English (New Zealand).   The English (New Zealand) locale is not impacted by this change and provides the same Date/Time that the user would have experienced under Salesforce Winter '20.


Addressing the Issue

Our Remedyforce is addressing this issue after consulting with Salesforce to understand the issue.  We hope to have a fix in our BMC Helix Remedyforce Winter 20 Patch 1 release (Safe Harbor).  Once the patch is available and applied, then your users would be able to set their locales back to the proper one before making the change indicated in the workaround.




Last Note

Salesforce Spring ’20 will introduce a new Critical Update for the ICU support called “Enable ICU Locale Formats”.  If you enable this Critical Update, find issues and then turn the Critical Update off, you will still find the issues we described earlier occurring.  Again, we would refer you to the workaround till such time we can release our BMC Helix Remedyforce Winter 20 Patch 1 to resolve the issue within our code.