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Google’s Chrome Browser version 80 is currently scheduled to be stable and ready for general release on or around February 4, 2020.   This release fundamentally changes the way the default cross-domain (aka SameSite) behavior of cookies.  While this change is being made to enhance security and privacy while browsing the internet, it is having an impact and we wanted to make you aware of the changes.


Who is impacted?

Users using BMC Helix Remedyforce in Salesforce Lightning Experience on Chrome version 80 will be impacted.


Who is not impacted?

  • Users on Salesforce Classic using any supported browser (including Chrome version 80).
  • Users on Salesforce Lightning Experience using Firefox, Edge, and Chrome (up to and including version 79).


What is the impact on BMC Helix Remedyforce?

Salesforce loads Visualforce pages in an iframe from a different domain for Lightning Experience.  This causes a "cross-domain" behaviour of our cookies since many of the BMC Helix Remedyforce pages are in Visualforce.


Remedyforce users' preferences (such as the pinned tab in the Remedyforce Console, or how many records are viewable via the Console) are stored locally in browsers as cookies. In Chrome version 80 onwards these Remedyforce cookies will no longer be readable by the Google Chrome browser in Salesforce Lightning Experience.


What functionality is lost?

  1. Remedyforce Console:
    1. Last accessed tab (Incident/ Task/ Change Request/ …)
    2. Records per page
    3. List view selected
    4. Column width
    5. Pinned view
    6. Display Multiple Views
  2. Remedyforce CMDB:
    1. Tabs (Tile View, List View, Tree View)
    2. Records per page
    3. View (Include instances of subclasses, Include Mark as deleted)
    4. Instance Editor > Relationships > Records per page
  3. Remedyforce Self Service:
    1. View in My Activity > All > Filter Activities (Records, State, Status)



1.  Do not upgrade Chrome on or after 4th Feb 2020 to the latest version 80. Stay on version 79.

If you try to check the Chrome version from ‘About Google Chrome’ window, it will auto start the download and do an upgrade.  To avoid an upgrade, you can check the version by accessing the url: chrome://version




2. If Chrome is updated to version 80, use an alternate browser (Firefox or Microsoft Edge) for Remedyforce until a fix is delivered in the BMC Helix Remedyforce Winter 20 release.


3.  If you still want to continue using Chrome version 80, you can disable the SameSite settings till the fix is delivered by performing the following steps:

  • In address bar type: chrome://flags
  • Search for ‘SameSite’ without the quotes.
  • Disable the following settings:
    • SameSite by default cookies
    • Cookies without SameSite must be secure



For changes to take effect, relaunch the Chrome browser. It is recommended to restart the browser and log in to Salesforce again.


Scenarios Post Upgrading to Chrome 80 Browser

Important: Post upgrade to Chrome version 80, enabling the SameSite settings and upgrading to BMC Helix Remedyforce Winter 20 there will be a one-time loss of all the user preferences settings stored in cookies.


Remedyforce Version

SameSite remains Unchanged

SameSite disabled

Winter 19

Cookies not accessible. Users must reset their preferences each time.

Cookies are accessible. Users retain their preferences

Winter 20

Only newly created cookies are accessible. Users will have to reset all their preferences one time after which, the system will remember the preferences.

Cookies are accessible. Users retain their preferences

                                    1.      Chrome Flags changed --> è

SameSite enabled

Winter 20


Only newly created cookies are accessible. So, users will have to reset all their preferences one time after which, the system will remember the preferences.



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