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What is Lightning Experience:

Lightning is an open source framework from Salesforce that has a host of new features. While Classic places an emphasis on responsiveness of the desktop or mobile application, Lightning does away with this barrier and thus opens a new avenue of potential opportunities for developers. In addition, there are three core benefits of having a 360ᵒ view of every customer:

1 - The GUI interface, drag and drop features, and reusable components can easily assist in the development process
2 – With the ease of use, developers can better help automate process and workflows without the need to get involved in coding
3 – You get the option to visually design your objects relationship in the data model



Advantages of Migrating from Classic to Lightning:

The swift application development, better portal development through Lightning Bolt, mobile first sync capacity, and Lightning for Visualforce offers advantages at multiple levels -
1 – 70% faster time to market thanks to quicker application development
2 – 37% increase in customer revenue growth
3 – 44% boost in sales productivity


Before Moving to Salesforce Lighting do the below:

  • Step One: Outline Goals for Transition
  • Discuss and Prioritize Functionality and Potential Integrations
  • Run a Lightning Readiness Check
  • Work in a Sandbox
  • Test Your Goals
  • Roll Out Lightning to Power Users
  • Write Detailed Documentations
  • Introduce Lightning and Training
  • Launch!




Please find below link for more information and Remedyforce document and Video for lighting Experience


Configuring BMC Remedyforce for Salesforce Lightning Experience